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COKE, THOMAS-WILLIAM, Esq. of Holkham, in the county of Norfolk, m. first,

Jane, daughter of James Dutton, esq. by whom (who d. in
June, 1800) he has three daughters, viz.

1. Jane-Elizabeth, m. first in 1796, to Charles-Nevinson,

Viscount Andover, who was killed by the accidental
bursting of his fowling piece, in 1800. Her ladyship
espoused, secondly, in 1806, Vice Admiral Sir Henry
Digby, K.C.B. and has issue,

Edward St. Vincent Digby, b. 21st June, 1809.
Kenelm-Henry Digby, b. 8th August, 1811.
Jane-Elizabeth Digby, m. 15th September, 1824, to

Edward, Lord Ellenborough, which marriage was

dissolved by act of parliament in 1830. 2. Anne-Margaret, m. in September, 1794, to Thomas

Anson, esq. of Shuckborough, afterwards created VisCOUNT Anson, by whom (who d. in 1818) her ladyship had, with several other children,

Thomas-William Anson, present EARL OF LICHFIELD. 3. Elizabeth-Wilhelmina, m. in 1822, to John-Spencer

Stanhope, esq. of Cannon Hall, in the county of York, and has issue.

Mr. Coke espoused, secondly, in February, 1822, Lady Anne-Amelia Keppel, daughter of William-Charles, present Earl of Albemarle, and has issue,

THOMAS-WILLIAM, b. 26th December, 1822.
Edward-Keppel, b. 20th August, 1824.
Henry-John, b. 3rd January, 1827.
Wenman-Clarence-Walpole, b. 13th July, 1828.

Margaret-Sophia, 6. 7th March, 1832. Mr. Coke has represented the county of Norfolk for several years in parliament. He succeeded to the estates at the decease of his father in 1776.


The family of Coke, from which Mr. Coke the heirs of William Knightley, of Morgravederives through female descent, and which Knightley, in the same shire, was born at he now represents, is deduced by Camden, the seat of his father, and at ten years of from

age sent to the grammar-school at Norwich, WILLIAM Coke, of Doddington, in the whence he removed to Trinity College, Camcounty of Norfolk, mentioned in a deed, anno bridge, where he studied for four years, and 1206, who was father, by his wife Felice, of was in some years afterwards chosen high

GEOFFREY Coke, of Doddington, from steward of that university. From Cambridge whom descended

he removed to Clifford's-Inn, and, the year Sir EDWARD COKE, the celebrated lawyer. after, he was entered a student in the InnerThis eminent person, the son of Robert Coke, Temple, whence he was called to the bar, esq. of Mileham, in the county of Norfolk, and being chosen reader in Lyon's-Inn, acand Winifred, his wife, daughter, and one of quired so much celebrity, that he very soon



attained considerable practice. About this | under a canopy supported by two marble period he married Bridget, daughter and co- pillars, on the top of which are four large heir of John Paston, esq. of Huntingfield figures, and between the pillars two marble Hall, in the county of Suffolk, third son of tables, with these inscriptions :Sir William Paston, of Paston, with whom

FIRST TABLE. he acquired a fortune of thirty thousand

Deo OPTIMO MAXIMO. pounds. An alliance, too, that brought him honours and preferments as well as wealth.

Hæ Exuviæ Humanæ Expectant The cities of Coventry and Norwich soon

Resurrectionem Piorum after elected him their recorder. The county

Hic Situs est non Perituri of Norfolk returned him to parliament, and


EQUES Auratus Legum anima the House of Commons placed him in the

Interpres Oraculum non Dubium speaker's chair. In the 35th of Elizabeth

Arcanorum Promicondus Mysteriorum (1592), Mr. Coke was appointed Solicitor,

Cujus Fere unius Beneficio and the next year Attorney-general. In 1603

Jurisperiti nostri sunt Jurishe received the honour of knighthood from

periti Eloquentiæ Fulmen King James I. at Greenwich, and in three

Torrens Fulmen years afterwards was elevated to the bench

Suadæ Sacerdos unicus as chief of the court of Common Pleas, from

Divinis Heros which he was advanced, in 1613, to the dig

Pro Rostris ita Dixit nity of Chief Justice OF ENGLAND (being ut Literis insudasse crederes non nisi the last person who bore that title), and

Humanis sworn of the privy council. His lordship

Ita Vixit ut non nisi Divinis incurred subsequently, however, the displea

Sacerrimus intimæ Pietatis sure of the court; and while in disgrace,

Indigator hearing that a noble lord had solicited from

Integritas Ipsa Veræ Semper

Causæ Constantissimus Assertor the crown a portion of the lands belonging

Nec favore nec Muneribus Violandus to the church at Norwich, which he had re

Eximie Misericors Charior erat covered, and settled thereon, he cautioned

Huic reus Quam sibi the peer to desist, or that he would resume

(Miraculi instar est) his gown and cap, and come into Westmin

Sicocculus sæpe ille audiit Sententiam ster Hall once again, to plead the cause of In se Prolatam Nunquam Hic Nisi the church. Between his paternal property, Madidoculus Protulit Scientiæ Oceanus the great marriage portion he had with his Quique Dum Vixit Bibliotheca viva, wife, and his valuable offices and lucrative

mortuus dici meruit Parens practice at the bar, Sir Edward Coke realized

Duodecim Liberorum Tredecim an estate so ample, that each of his sons pos

Librorum Pater sessed a fortune equal to that of an elder

Facessant Hinc Monumenta brother. Camden, in his Britannia, says,

Facessant Marmora “ that he was a person of admirable parts,

(Nisi quod Pios Fuisse Denotarint Posteros)

Ipse sibi suum est monumentum than whom, as none ever applied himself

Marmore Perennius closer to the study of the law, so never did

Ipse sibi sua any one understand it better. Of which he

Est Æternitas. fully convinced England, by his excellent administration for many years together,

SECOND TABLE. whilst attorney-general, and by executing

DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF the office of Lord Chief Justice of the Com

SIR EDWARD COKE, KNT. mon Pleas with the greatest wisdom and pru

A late Reverend Judge. Born dence; nor did he give less proof of his

At Mileham, in this county of Norfolk. abilities in his excellent Reports, and Com

Excellent in all Learning, Divine

and Humane. That for his own, this mentaries upon our Laws, whereby he has

for his country's Good, especially highly obliged both his own age and posterity." His lordship d. 3rd September, 1633,

in the Knowledge and Practice of the

Municipall Laws of this Kingdome, at the advanced age of eighty-three. A no

a famous Reader, a sound ble monument was erected to his memory at Counsellor ; in his younger Years Tittleshall church, Norfolk, with his effigies Recorder of the Cities of Norwich and habited in judge's robes, lying at full length,

London. Next Solicitor-General

to Queen Elizabeth, and Speaker
of the Parliament in the XXXV Years
of hir Reigne. Afterwards Attorney-
General to the same Queen, as also to
her Successor, King James, to both a

faithful Servant for their Majties.
for their Safties. By King James

constituted Chief Justice of both Benches successively, in both a just, in both an exemplary Judge, one of his Majtys most Hon. Privie Councill, as also of Council to Queen Anne, and Chief Justice in Eire of all her Forrests, Parks, and Chases,

Recorder of the Citie of Coventrie, and
High Steward of the University of Cam-

bridge, whereof he was sometime

a Member of Trinitie Colledge.
He had two Wives. By Bridget
his first Wife (one of the Daughters
and co-heirs of John Paston, Esq.) he had

Issue seven Sons, and three Daugh-
ters; and by the Lady Elizabeth, his

second Wife (one of the Daughters
of the Right Hon. Thomas, late Earl of

Exeter) he had issue

two Daughters. A chast HUSBAND,

A PROVIDENT FATHER. And beneath the effigies the following inscription : “ He Crown'd his Pious Life with as Pious and Christian Departure at STOKE Poges in the County of Buckingham on Wednesdaye the third Day of Sept. in the year of our

And of his Age LXXXIII

His Last Words

Learn Reader to Live so

That thou mayst so die.” Sir Edward Coke's daughters, by his last wife, were,

Elizabeth, who d. unmarried.
Frances, m, to John Villiers, Viscount

Purbeck, son and heir of Sir George
Villiers, by Mary, Duchess of Buck-
ingham, and eldest brother of George,

Duke of Buckingham, d. s. p. His surviving children, by his first wife were,

Robert (Sir), m. Theophila, only dau.

of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, and d.

19th July, 1653, issueless. Arthur, m. Elizabeth, daughter and

heiress of Sir George Walgrave, knt. of Hitcham, in the county of Norfolk, and left at his decease, 6th December,

1629, four daughters, his co-heirs. John, of Holkham, in the county of

Norfolk,m.Meriel, daughter and heiress of Anthony Wheatley, esq. (son of William Wheatley,Prothonotary of the court of Common Pleas), by whom he had seven sons and seven daughters, whereof EDWARD, his heir apparent, died before him, leaving no issue by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of George, Lord Berkeley, whereby the inheritance devolved, eventually, upon his youngest son, John, who dying unmarried, the

estate of HOLKHAM, came to the heirs of Henry Coke, of Thurrington, fifth son of Sir Edward

Coke (next mentioned). Henry, of Thurrington, in the county of

Suffolk, m. Margaret, daughter and heiress of Richard Lovelace, esq. of Kingsdown, in the county of Kent, and was s. by his eldest son, RICHARD, who m. Mary, daughter

of Sir John Rous, bart. of Henham Hall, in the county of Suffolk, and left an only son, Robert, of whom hereafter, as

inheritor of the principal part of Sir Edward Coke's fortune, and grandfather of the

first peer.

Clement, m. Sarah, daughter and co

heiress of Alexander Reddish, esq. of
Reddish, in the county of Lancaster
(by a daughter and co-heiress of Sir
Robert Langley, of Agecroft, in the
same shire), by whom he acquired the
estate of Longford, in Derbyshire, and
was s. in May, 1619, by his elder son,
EDWARD Coke, who was created a

baronet, 30th December, 1641.
He m. Catherine, daughter and
co-heiress of Sir Lodowick Dyer,
knt. of Great Stoughton, in the
county of Huntingdon, and had

successive Baronets.
Catharine, m. to Cornelius

Clarke, esq. of Norton.
Sir Edward was s. by his elder son,
Sir Robert Coke, of Longford, se-

cond baronet, M.P. for the county
of Derby, in the 1st of James II.
who m. Sarah, daughter and co-
heiress of Barker, esq. of
Abrightlee, in the county of Sa-

lop, but dying s. p. in 1617, the | Mr. Coke d. 13th April, 1707, and was s. by
title and estates devolved upon his eldest son,
his brother,

THOMAS COKE, esq. of Holkham, who was
Sir EDWARD Coke, of Longford, made a Knight of the Bath, 27th May, 1725,

third baronet, at whose decease, and elevated to the peerage 28th May, 1728, unmarried, 25th August, 1727, as Baron Lovel, of Minster-Lovel, in the the baronetcy expired, while county of Oxford. In 1733, his lordship was the estates passed, by the ba- constituted joint post-master general, and ronet's will, to Edward Coke, esq. created 9th May, 1744, Viscount Coke, of brother of Thomas, first Lord Holkham, and Earl of LEICESTER. He m. Lovel.

2nd July, 1718, Lady Mary Tufton,* fourth Anne, m. to Ralph Sadler, esq. son and daughter and co-heiress of Thomas, sixth

heir of Sir Ralph Sadler, knt. Earl of Thanet, and had an only son, Bridget, m. to William Skinner, esq.

EDWARD, Viscount Coke, who m. in 1747, son and heir of Sir Vincent Skinner.

Lady Mary Campbell, daughter and So much for the lord chief justice's children, co-heiress of John, Duke of Argyll we now return to the grandson of his son and Greenwich, but died, in the lifeHENRY,

time of his father and mother, without Robert COKE, esq. of Thurrington, issue, anno 1753. in Suffolk, who, upon the decease of his This earl commenced the erection of that cousin, (the son of his great uncle, John,) stately pile of building called Holkham Hall, John Coke, esq. of Holkham, unmarried, in Norfolk, but did not live to see it cominherited that estate, and thus became pos- pleted. It was, however, finished by his sessed of the chief part of the property of his widow, who survived him sixteen years. great grandfather, Sir Edward Coke. He His lordship d. 20th April, 1759, when the m. Lady Anne Osborne, daughter of Thomas, EARLDOM OF LEICESTER, and inferior honors, first Duke of Leeds, lord treasurer of Eng- became Extinct, while the entire of his exland, and was s. at his decease, 16th January, tensive estates devolved upon (the son of his 1679, by his only son,

sister ANNE) his nephew, EDWARD Coke, esq., of Holkham, who m.

WENMAN Roberts, esq., who assumed Carey, daughter of Sir John Newton, bart, thereupon the surname and arms of Coke of Barrow's Court, in Gloucestershire, and

only. He m. Miss Elizabeth Chamberlayne, had issue,

and had (with two daughters) THOMAS, his successor.

THOMAS-William, his heir. Edward, of Longford, in the county of

Edward. Derby, d. unmarried, in 1733, and Mr. Coke d. in 1776, and was s. by his elder bequeathed his estate to his younger


the present THOMAS-WILLIAM Coke, esq. brother,

of Holkham.
Robert, vice-chamberlain of Queen
Anne, m. in June, 1733, Lady Anne

Arms---Party, per pale, gu. and az, three
Holt, widow of John Holt, esq. of eagles displayed ar.
Redgrave, in Suffolk, and sister and Crest --- On a chapeau az. turned up
co-heir of Philip, Duke of Wharton, ermine, an ostrich ar. holding in its mouth a

horse shoe or.
Carey, m. to Sir Marmaduke Wyvil, Motto---Prudens qui patiens.
bart. of Constable Burton, in York-

Seat---Holkham Hall, Norfolk. shire, but d. issueless, in 1732. Anne, m. to Philip Roberts, esq. a major in the 2nd troop of horse-guards,

The abeyance of the BaronY DE CLIFFORD was and had, with five younger sons and terminated by the Crown in this lady's favor in one daughter,

1734, and she became Baroness de Clifford, but WENMAN Roberts, of whom pre- outliving her only child Edward, Viscount Coke,

sently, as eventual inheritor of the dignity fell again into abeyance at her ladythe estates of the Cokes.

ship's decease in 1775.

but d. s. p.


ANNESLEY, ARTHUR, ESQ., of Bletchingdon, in the county of Oxford, b. in

1760, s. his father, Arthur Annesley, esq. in 1773, m. Ca-
therine, daughter and heir of Admiral Sir Charles Hardy,
(Governor of Greenwich Hospital) and has had, (with other
children, who all died unmarried,)

1. ARTHUR, 6. in 1785, m. Eleanor, daughter of Henry
Brien, esq. by whom he has issue,




2. Charles, b. in 1789, in holy orders, Fellow of All Souls

College, Oxford. 3. Catherine-Elizabeth, b. in 1791, m. to the Honorable

and Reverend John-Evelyn Boscawen, second son of

George, third Viscount Falmouth, and has issue. 4. Barbara-Caroline, b. in 1797, m. to Thomas-Tyrwhitt

Drake, of Shardeloes, Bucks, M.P. for Amersham. 5. Mary, m. to the Rev. John Tyrwhitt-Drake, rector of

Amersham, and d. in 1827. 6. Lucy-Susan.


This ancient family assumed its name from Robert, of Roddington, founder, in 36th the town of Annesley, in the county of Not EDWARD III., of Annesley Chantry. tingham, the possessor of which, at the time Ralph, of Kirkby Wodehouse. of the Norman Conquest, was

Sir John de Annesley was s. at his decease RICHARD DE ANNESLEY, whose son and by his eldest son, successor,

SIR JOHN DE ANNESLEY, knt. who d. 25th RALPH DE Annesley, called Brito, (the June, 1357, and was s. by his son, Briton,) founded the priory of Felley. He

SIR JOHN DE ANNESLEY, knt. who served left issue by Aubrey his wife, a son and suc

in parliament as one of the knights of the cessor,

REGINALD DE Annesley, living temp. county of Nottingham, and had livery of the HENRY II. who was s. by his elder son,

manor of Hedynton and hundred of Belyn

don, in Oxfordshire. He m. Isabell, daughSIR REGINALD DE ANNESLEY, knt. who espoused the daughter and heiress of Hon

ter and co-heir of Margaret, tbird sister and skerle, and had an only son,

co-heir of Sir John Chandos, Knight of the Sir JOHN DE Annesley, knt. who had a

Garter, Baron of St. Saviour-le-Viscount grant, in the 4th EDWARD I. of free warren

in Normandy, Great Seneschal of Poicton, in all his demesnes in Annesley. He was

and High Constable of Aquitaine, by which sheriff of the counties of Derby and Notting- lady he had issue, ham, 14th EDWARD I. and also of the county

THOMAS ANNESLEY, esq. Of ANNESLEY, of Gloucester 3rd 4th and 5th years of the M.P. for the county of Nottingham,7th Richfollowing reign. Sir John m. Annora, dau. ARD II. This gentleman m. Agnes, daughter of Sir Robert Pierrepont, knt. and had three of Robert Clifton, of Clifton, by whom he sons, viz.

had issue, Johx, his successor.

Hugh, his successor.

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