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Thomas Ruggles, of Bocking, by his second pointed by a committee of the lords and wife, Ann, daughter of Jonathan Eddows, commons, 16th February, 1647, for the citizen of London, had an only daughter, judging of scandal, will be found recorded

Ann, who m. Mr. Walford, of Bocking, in the Kingston Classis, the name of Brise,

whose grandson the Rev. William of Ewel and Moulsey,* this family being at Walford, now resides at Hatfield that period, and subsequently much con

Peverel, in the county of Essex. nected with the party not in accordance with Mr. Ruggles died in 1743-4, at the age of the church establishment and discipline. sixty-four, and lies interred under a lofty SHADRACH BRISE, esq. who wedded Ann, monument in Bocking church-yard. His eldest daughter and co-heir of Gabriel Maysecond son,

nard, esq. of Roxeth, Harrow on the Hill, Thomas Ruggles, esq. espoused, in 1736, had, with two daughters, a son, Ann, eldest daughter of Joshua Brise, esq.

Shadrach Brise, esq. who purchased in of Clare, merchant in London, by whom 1671, Cavendish Place, in Suffolk, whither (who died in 1748) he left an only surviving he removed his family in 1679. lie son, Thomas, his heir; Mr. Ruggles dying espoused Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. in 1758, was buried with the family of his Thomas Pakeman, minister of Harrow-onwife, in the chancel of the church at Clare, the-Hill, and dying in 1699, left, with seand s. by his son,

veral other children, a son, Thomas Ruggles, esq. of Clare, who in- Joshua Brise, esq. born in 1675. This herited, in 1776, upon the demise of his gentleman, after passing many years in cousin, John, the estate of Spains Hall, in mercantile business in London, retired to Essex. This gentleman, who was a barris-Clare, in Suffolk, and purchased, in that ter and bencher of the honorable society of neighbourhood, various estates. He m. Miss the Inner Temple, and an active magistrate | Elizabeth Small, and had inter alios, and deputy lieutenant for the counties of SHADRACH, his heir, b. in 1724. Suffolk and Essex, wedded Miss Freeland, SAMUEL, successor to his brother. of Cobham, in the county of Surrey, and Ann, m. in 1736, Thomas Ruggles, esq. had issue,

and, dying in 1748, left an only surJohn, his heir.

viving son, Samuel-Ruggles, of Clare Hall, in the

Thomas Ruggles, esq. of Spains University of Cambridge, A.B. who

Hall, father of died at Bristol Hotwells, in February,

John RUGGLES - Brise, esq. 1804, aged twenty-four.

who inherited the Clare Shadrach-George, who died in 1804,

estates in Suffolk, &c. upon aged fifteen.

the demise, in 1827, of his Maria.

great uncle, SAMUEL Brise, Ann, who died 18th February, 1812.

esq. of Clare, and is the
Jane, m. to John Walford, esq.
Frances-Brise, m. to the Rev. Charles Elizabeth, m. Mr. Edward Coldham, of
Fisher, rector of Ovington-cum-

Bury St. Edmunds.

Mr. Brise died in 1749, in his seventy-fifth Sophia-Lydia, m. to the Rev. Henry year, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Freeland, rector of Hlasketon, in

SHADRACH BRISE, esq. of Clare, for many Suffolk, and died 15th February, years an active justice of the peace, who 1827, s. p.

was appointed in 1762 high sheriff for the Mr. Ruggles was author of a work entitled, county of Suffolk. He wedded Elizabeth, a History of the Poor, of The Barrister, daughter of John Cator, esq. but dying s. p. and other publications. He died in No- in 1783, he entailed, by will, his estates in vember, 1813, and was s. by his son, the Suffolk, on his only surviving brother for present John Ruggles - BRISE, esq. of life, and after his decease, on his nephew, Spains Hall, and of Clare.

Thomas RUGGLES, esq. and then on his

the present proprietor. Shadrach FAMILY OF BRISE.

Brise was s. by his brother,

SAMUEL BRISE, esq. of Clare, in Suffolk, The Brises, whose estates on failure of and of Pentlow Hall, in Essex; which the male line in 1827, devolved upon the latter estate he devised to his niece, Mrs. descendant of the marriage of Thomas Rug- Mathew, daughter of Mrs. Coldham, and gles, esq. and Ann Brise, were, for several | after her decease, to her son, the Rev. Edgenerations resident in Surrey, being pos- ward William Mathew, of Bury St. Edsessed of independent property in the neighbourhood of Moulsey, Kingston, and Cobham. In the ecclesiastical commission to enquire into the conduct of the clergy, ap- * Manning and Bray’s Surrey, vol. iii. 682.


eldest son,

munds. Mr. Brise died at Clare, in 1827, Motto-Struggle. aged ninety-five, and was s. by his great Estates---The estate of SPAINS HALL, in nephew, the present Join RUGGLES-Brise, the parish of Finchingfield, Essex, puresq. of Clare and Spains Hall.

chased, in 1760, of the family of Sir Thomas Arms—Quarterly; Ist and 4th, arg. a Dyer, bart. by Samuel Ruggles, esq. of chevron between three roses gu. for Rug- Bocking. Also, lands at Clare and CavenGLES; 2nd and 3rd, lozengy, gu. and arg. dish, in Suffolk, derived from the family of within a bordure sa: fleury of eight qua- Brise. terfoils ; a cross of the second for Brise. Crest-A tower, or castle, or,

Seats-Spains Hall, Essex, and Clare, in transfixed

Suffolk. with four darts in saltire and enflamed ppr. for RUGGLES.


DUGDALE, DUGDALE-STRATFORD, esq. of Merevale Hall, in the county of Warwick, b. in 1773, m. in 1799, the Honorable Charlotte Curzon, daughter of Viscount Curzon, and has an only son, WILLIAM-STRATFORD, who wedded, in 1827, Harriet-Ella, daughter of the late

Eward Berkeley-Portman, esq. of Bryanstone, in the county of Dorset, and has issue two sons and a daughter. This gentleman is member of parliament for the

county of Warwick. Mr. Dugdale succeeded his father in 1806.



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brated antiquary and genealogist, whose literary reputation is so splendid, was born on the 12th of September, in the year 1605 ; and at the age of thirty-three obtained a

pursuivant's place in the college of arms car

through the interest of Sir Henry Spelman, and other influential persons of congenial feelings. At the breaking out of the civil war being summoned to attend the king, he assisted at the battle of Edge Hill, and subsequently proceeding to Oxford with his royal master, received the degree of Master of Arts from the University. In 1644, he was appointed Chester Herald, and he continued at Oxford by the express command of the King, until the surrender of that city to the parliamentarians in 1646. In the interval Dugdale employed himself in explo

ring the libraries, and in collecting materials John DUGDALE, of Sustoke, in the county for his noble history of the Monasteries, of Warwick, son of James Dugdale, by the which celebrated work appeared in the years daughter of Thomas Woodcocke, of Clithe- 1655, 1661, and 1673. In 1656, he published ro, wedded Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Ar- what Gough calls, “ the very best of county thur Swynfen, of Dunchurch, in the same histories”-His History of Warwickshire. shire (a younger son of William Swynfen, The History of St. Paul's Cathedral folesq. of Swynfen,) and had issue,

lowed. Upon the Restoration, Dugdale WILLIAM (Sir) his successor.

was advanced to the office of Norroy kingMary, m. to Richard Seawall, of Corley.of-arms, and he was constituted GARTER He died in 1624, and was s. by his son, in 1677. He produced, subsequently, many

Sir William DUGDALE, knt. This cele- other works upon genealogy and heraldry,

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the most elaborate of which—The BARON- when he bequeathed his estates to (the son AGE OF ENGLAND, remains yet unrivalled. of his sister Jane,) his nephew, RICHARD Sir William wedded Margery, second dau. GEast; and thus terminated the male line of John Huntbach, esq. of Seawall, in the of the great genealogist, Sir William Dugcounty of Stafford, by whom (who died in 1681) he had issue to survive infancy, The family of Geste or Ghest, derives John, his successor.

from Mary, m. to Daniel White, of London.

John Geste or Ghest, of Handsworth, in Elizabeth, m. first, to Elias Ashmole, the county of Stafford, who was admitted

esq. secondly, to John Reynolds. tenant of copyhold lands there, in the 12 Anne, m. to Thomas Hill, of London. HENRY VII. He m. Margaret, daughter Martha, m. to Edward Daniel, of Lon- and heiress of Thomas Hawkes, and great don.

granddaughter of Henry Hawkes, of HopJudith, m. to Heny Joyce, of London. wode, in the county of Worcester, close to Jane, d. unm. in 1720.

Row Heath, in right of whom John Ghest
Margery, m. to George Dod, esq. claimed a messuage and lands there. By
Lettice, m. to Bruyn Radford, esq. of this lady he had issue,

Helen, m. to Anthony Fitzpatrick, esq.

RICHARD, his heir.
He died on the 10th February, 1685-6, and

Laurence, of Row Heath, to whose son was s. by his son,

William, Thomas Blount and George

Tokey, esqrs. granted Owley Grange, Sir John DUGDALE, knt. b. in 1628. This

in Worcestershire, for a thousand gentleman adopting the profession of his

years. eminent father, was appointed Windsor Thomas, whose son, Herald in 1675, and Norroy King of Arms

EDMUND, having taken holy orders in 1686, when he received the honor of

acquired high distinction in the knighthood. He m. first, in 1662, Mary,

church. He was appointed Archsecond daughter and co-heir of Alexander

deacon of Canterbury, in 1559, Baker, gent. of New Windsor, and had

consecrated Bishop of Rochesissue,

ter in 1560, and constituted BiWILLIAM, bis heir.

shop Almoner of Salisbury, in Mary, m. to Anthony Townshend, esq.

eleven years after. His Lordof Hern, in Denbighshire.

ship d. in 1676, and was interred Sir John Dugdale espoused secondly, in

in Salisbury Cathedral, to the 1671, Elizabeth, only daughter and heiress

dean and chapter of which, he of Thomas Pidgeon, an alderman of Co

bequeathed his library. ventry, and had a daughter, Elizabeth, who The elder son, wedded, first, Thomas Skeflington, esq. of Skeffington, and, secondly, William Hyde,

RICHARD Geste, of Handsworth, d. in esq. of Langtoft, in Lincolnshire. He d. in 1541, and was s. by his son, 1700, and was s. by his son,

John Geste, esq. of Handsworth, who William DUGDALE, esq. of Blyth Hall, | left at his decease in 1601, (with a younger who m. in 1686, Judith, youngest daughter son Henry, who m. Dorothea Smallwood, of of John Gough, esq. of Bushbury, in Staf- Queyslade,) his successor, fordshire, and had issue,

RICHARD Geste, esq. of Handsworth. John, his successor.

This gentleman wedded, on the 4th FebruWilliam, killed by a fall from his ary, 1595-6, Elizabeth, daughter of Roger horse in 1733.

Cooper Piddocke, esq. of Windsor Green, in Elizabeth, died unmarried.

Warwickshire, and had issue, JANE, m. to RICHARD GEast, esq. of John, his successor.

Handsworth, in the county of Staf- Maria, m. in 1616, to Thomas Ashford, ford.

esq. Judith, m. in 1710, to Francis Bickley, Elizabeth, m. in 1625, to Abraham

esq. of Kingsbury. Their daughter, Errington, esq.
Mary, wedded William Francis Cor- Martha.
bet Astley, esq. and was grandmother Jane.

of Sir John Dugdale Astley, bart. The son and heir, Isabella, d. unmarried.

JOHN Geste, esq. b. 8th January, 1601, Mr. Dugdale d. 19th February, 1714, and resided at Hopwode, and marrying in 1627, was s. by his elder son,

Joan, daughter of John Court, esq. of StudJohn DUGDALE, esq. of Blyth Hall. This ley, in the county of Warwick, was s. at his gentleman, who was Moubray Herald Ex- decease in 1649, (when he was seized of traordinary in the reigns of George I. and lands at Handsworth,) by his son, George II. died s. p. 4th August, 1749, RICHARD Geast, esq. who wedded in


1663, Mary, daughter of William Spencer,

4. Anne, Francis Dugdale gent. of Handsworth, and had issue,

Astley, esq. (his second wife) NICHOLAS, his heir.

and d. 8. p. in 1813. Mary, m. to Humphry Wyrley, esq.

5. Mary, d. unmarried in 1794. He d. in 1692, and was s. by his son,

6. Phæbe, d. young in 1779. Nicholas Geast, esq. of Handsworth, The elder son, who m. Phoebe Downing, of the family of RICHARD Geast, esq. barrister-at-law, Sir George Downing, knt. of East Hatley, inheriting under the will of his uncle the in the county of Cambridge, and dying in Dugdale estates, assumed in 1799 the sur1720-1, was s. by his son,

name and arms of DUGDALE. He m. in RICHARD Geast, esq. of Handsworth. 1767, Penelope-Bate, eldest daughter and This gentleman espoused, 19th April, 1722, co-heir of Francis Stratford, esq. of MereJane, second daughter of William Dúgdale, yale, by whom (who d. in 1819) he left at esq. of Blyth Hall, and great-grandaughter his decease, in 1806, one son and three of the GENEALOGIST, by which lady, (who daughters, viz. d. in 1772,) he left at his decease in 1736, DuGDALE-STRATFORD, his heir. two sons, namely,

Penelope, m. to Charles-James Packe, RICHARD, his heir.

esq. of Prestwold. Henry, devisee in remainder, and exe

Louisa-Anne, m. to William Dilke, esq. cutor of his maternal uncle, John of Maxstoke Castle, in the county of Dugdale, esq. This gentleman wed

Warwick. ded Anne, second daughter of John,

Emma. and great-granddaughter of Thomas Mr. Dugdale was s. by his only son, the Walford, esq. of Binton, in War- present DUGDALE - STRATFORD DUGDALE, wickshire, a descendant of Roger esq. Walford, to whom King HENRY VIII.

Arms-Quarterly; 1st and 4th, arg, a leased the manor and lands of Cla

cross moline gu. in the first quarter, a torverdon, in which manor part of such teaux: 2nd and 3rd, arg. barry of ten arg. lands are now vested in Henry Geast and az, over all a lion rampant gu. Dugdale, esq. He had issue,

Crest - A griffin's head and wings en1. Richard, who d. s.

in 1797.

dorsed or.
2. Henry, of Bordesley Park, in

Motto-Pestis patriæ pigrities.
the county of Worcester, M.A.
barrister-at-law, who assumed

Estates-In Warwickshire.
in 1822 the additional surname

Town Residence 23, Lower Brooke and arms of DUGDALE.

Street. 3. Jane, died unmarried.

Seat-Merevale Hall, near Atherstone.


CONROY, SIR JOHN, knt. D.C.L. of Bettyfield, in the county of Roscommon, and

of Llanbrynmair, in Montgomeryshire, b. 21st October, 1786, m. Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir of Majorgeneral Benjamin Fisher, niece of the late Right Rev. John Fisher, D.D. Lord Bishop of Salisbury, (preceptor to their late Royal Highnesses the Princess Charlotte of Wales, and the Duke of Kent) and woman of the bedchamber to the Duchess of Kent, by whom he has issue,

EDWARD, b. in 1809, attached to the British Mission at

Arthur-Benjamin, b. in 1813, deceased.
Stephen-Rowley, b. in 1815, a lieutenant in the Cold-

stream Guards.
Henry-George, b. in 1817.

This gentleman, who is a captain upon the retired list of
the royal artillery, was made a knight-commander of the
Guelphic Order by King GEORGE IV. He is equerry
and private secretary to H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent,
and was equerry to his late R.H. the Duke of Kent, and
a commissioner of the late Colonial audit-board. Sir John
is a magistrate for the county of Montgomery, for which
shire he has been excused serving the office of sheriff.

Lineage. By reference to the records in the office | Roscommon, being the residue of the of the Ulster king at arms, it is established property spared by the confiscations to that the Milesian house of Conroy, which which the Irish families had been so rewas formerly written Mulconry, O'Mul- peatedly subject; and of these the Conroys conry, and O'Mulconaire, is of great an- were deprived of a further portion in contiquity, and assumes its descent from Niullus sequence of their adhesion to the cause of Magnus, monarch of Ireland. It enjoyed for JAMES II. Charles Conry was succeeded by many successive generations the hereditary his son, office of seanchie, or herald to the kings of

FEARFASSA CONRy, esq. of Bettyfield, in Connaught.

the county of Roscommon, who died in 1746, The early part of the pedigree is to be and was š. by his son, found in the registry entitled “ Funeral

John Conroy, esq. b. in 1704. This Entries," one of the books of record in the Irish college of arms, for 1637, when the gentleman espoused Elizabeth, daughter funeral and lineage of Moylin O'Mulconry, and sole heiress of Robert Fowke, esq. who esq. was duly established and registered as

was, by marriage of his great-grandfather the forty-third in lineal descent of this with Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of ancient family, and received as such, the John Lyttleton, esq. of Holbeach, a reprewarranty, dated 6th July, 1638, of Thomas sentative of branches of the distinguished Preston, then Ulster king at arms. From

houses, whose arms the Conroy family are this

entitled to quarter. Mr. Conroy died in Moylin O'Mulconry, esq. descended, 1769, and was s. by his only son, altering their surnames, THORNA O'Mul- John PonsonBY Conroy, esq. born in CONRY, esq. John Conry, or MULCONRY, 1761, who wedded Margaret, daughter of esq. and CHARLES Conry, esq. who had a Francis Vernon Wilson, esq. of Tully, in regrant from CHARLES II. dated 10th August, the county of Longford, and dying in 1797, 1678, of various lands in the county of left issue,

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