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WILLIS, RICHARD, esq. of Halsnead Park, and of Hall of the Hill, both in the

county of Lancaster, b. 18th September, 1760, m. Cicely, only daughter of Joseph Fielden, esq. of Witton Park, near Blackburne, a branch of the ancient and ennobled family of Denbigh, by whom (who d. in April, 1822) he has had issue,

RICHARD, of West Cottage, near Leicester, b. 16th July,

1787, m. 17th July, 1819, Lucy, daughter and co-heiress
of Henry Atherton, esq. barrister at law, of the family

of Atherton, of Atherton.
Joseph, of Calcutta, b. 9th July, 1789.
Daniel, b. 4th August, 1790.
John, b. 7th October, 1792, m. 8th March, 1821, Eliza,

daughter of George Roach, esq. of Everton, near Liver

pool, which marriage has since been annulled. Henry, b. 3rd April, 1795, lieutenant in the 13th light

dragoons, d. while on service with his regiment at Reta,

in the province of Leon, Spain, 13th October, 1813. William, b. 5th May, 1798, a midshipman in the royal navy, d. at Corunna, in the

Surveillante frigate, 31st August, 1812. Thomas, b. 27th April, 1804. Frederick, lieutenant in the 9th lancers, b. 17th July, 1805. Edward, lieutenant in the 37th regiment of infantry, b. 8th October, 1806, m. 12th May,

1831, Harriette, daughter and co-heiress of the late lieutenant colonel Robbins. Margaret-Dorothea, m. 1st May, 1821, to Charles-Robert Sherbourne, esq. of Hirst

House, son of the late admiral, honorable Robert Digby. Cecilia, m. 18th September, 1816, to Thomas Farrer, esq. son of James Farrer, esq. of Clapham, in the county of York, and has issue, 1. Thomas-Henry.

4. Cecilia. 2. William.

5. Mary.
3. Frederick-Willis.

6. Ellen.

Caroline, d. 16th March, 1806.
Mr. Willis, who rebuilt the Hall at Halsnead, s. his father in 1790.

Lineage. The family of DE ANYERS, or Daniel, WILLIAM DE ANyers, sen. of Daresbury, whence Mr. Willis derives in lineal des- in Cheshire, espoused, in 1270, Agnes, cent, accompanied WILLIAM the Conqueror daughter of Thomas de Legh, of High Legh into England in 1066, and the name of its of the West Hall, and had, with several patriarch is to be found inscribed on the roll daughters, three sons, viz. of Battel Abbey.* Owing, however, to the 1. THOMAS. destruction of deeds in the turbulent times

2. William, who inherited his father's of CHARLES I, the lineage can only be traced

lands in Daresbury, and left issue at accuracy from the year 1250.

his decease, in 1306, with several Burke's Extinct and Dorinant Peerage.

other children, a son and successor,


whose son,

John (Sir), knt. of Daresbury, Calveley, of Lea. He espoused Katherine,

daughter and heiress of William, son of William D’ANYERS, espousing Adam de Over Tabley, and upon this mar

Clemence, daughter and riage one-third part of Over Tabley was
heiress of Alan de Norreys, settled on Sir Thomas De Anyers and his
obtained large possessions wife. His eldest son,
in Cheshire and Lancashire; Thomas De ANYERS, of Over Tabley, m
and from this marriage des- Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Aston,
cended the Daniells of of Aston, and widow of Thomas Boydell,
Daresbury, a family which jun. of Gropenhale, and left at his decease,
existed in 1666, when Sir in 1431, with other issue, a son and suc-
Peter Leycester published cessor,
his history of Bucklow Hun-

Thomas De ANYERS, of Over Tabley, dred, but which has been stiled the elder, who m. in 1413, Isabel,

extinct now for several years. daughter and heiress of John Rixton, of 3. John.

Rixton, by which alliance he acquired lands The eldest son,

at Warrington. He was 8. at his decease Thomas De ANYERS, had lands in Limme by his eldest son, by grant of his father, 17th EDWARD II. and Thomas De ANYERS, esq. of Over Tabley, purchased, in 1301, Bradley, from Peter who espousing, in 1440, Maud, daughter of Dutton, lord of Warburton. He m. first, John Leycester, esq. of Nether Tabley, had, Margaret, daughter of Adam de Tabley, with other issue, a son, and had, with other children who all d. s. p. Thomas De Anyers, esq. of Over Tabley,

Thomas (Sir), who m. Isabel, daughter who m. Catherine de Middleton, or Milne

and heiress of William Baggiley, and ton, and was s. by his son,
dying in the lifetime of his father, Thomas DE ANYERS, esq. of Over Tabley,
26th EDWARD III. left an only daugh- who took possession of Cherry Tree Hurst,

in Lymme, as next heir, upon the decease, MARGARET, heiress to all her mo- in 1493, issueless, of Thomas Daniell, of

ther's lands, those of her father Lymme, the last heir of that family. The being settled on the heirs male matter was not, however, fully settled until

of the De Anyers: she m. thrice. the award of William Hill, prebendary of John (Sir), of Gropenhale, who married Lichfield, 23rd HENRY VIII. when William

twice, but had issue only by his first Daniell, of Longdon, in Staffordshire, who wife, Joan, daughter of Sir William claimed as next heir to Daniell, of Lymme, Boydell, and sister and co-heir to as son of William, brother of John Daniell, William Boydell, of Dodleston, in late of Cherry Tree Hurst, conveyed all his the county of Cheshire, viz.

right in those lands to Thomas De Anyers, Robert, d. s. p. in 43rd EDWARD esq. grandson of this Thomas. III.

Thomas DE ANYERS m. Blanch, daughter Margaret, affianced to Sir Robert of Piers Warburton, esq. of Arley, and

Grosvenor, but d. unmarried. dying in 1494, was s. by his eldest son, Nicolaa, heiress to her mother's Piers De ANYERS, esq. of Over Tabley,

lands, left an only daughter and who m. in 1499, Julian, daughter of Sir heiress,

Peter Newton, secretary to Prince Henry,
Margaret, m. to Alan de Rix- and was s. at his demise, in 1522, by his

ton, and d. without issue, son,

Thomas De ANYERS, esq. of Over Tabley, Thomas De Anyers, of Bradley, espoused, who purchased from William Sneyd, 36th secondly, Joan de Norreys, and left, with HENRY VIII. the property called Wiche's two younger sons,

lands. He m. Margaret, daughter of WilSir Thomas De Anyers, knt. of Over liam Wilbraham, esq. of Woothey, in the Tabley, who inherited his father's estates county of Chester, and had issue, upon the decease of his half brother. Sir PETER, his successor. Thomas was a warrior of note, and served Thomas, who inherited, upon the dewith distinction under the famous Hugh de mise of his brother.

William (Sir), a lawyer of eminence,

appointed a judge of the common

pleas. Richard, d. in 1605. Ellen, m. in 1553, to John Massy, esq.

of Codington. Margaret, m. first, to Christopher Hol

ford, esq. of Ilcoit, in Flintshire, son of Sir John Holford, of Holford ; and, secondly, to James Barker, of

Hamond. Thomas De Anyers d. in 1551, and was s. by his eldest son,

PETER DE ANYERS, esq. of Over Tabley. This gentleman purchased, in 1556, the Hall of Woodlands, in Over Tabley, which excheated to the crown upon the attainder of Matthew de Tabley, 22nd EDWARD IV. He espoused, in 1550, Alice, daughter of George Booth, esq. of Dunham Massey, by whom he had an only daughter,

DOROTHY, who m. William, son and

heir of Richard Massy, esq. of Rix

ton, in the county of Lancaster. Peter De Anyers dying thus without male issue, in 1557, was s. by his brother,

Thomas De ANYERS, esq. of Over Tabley, who m. Alice, daughter of Foulk Dutton, *sq. of Chester, and had, with other issue, a son,

PETER DE ANyers, esq. of Over Tabley, bis successor in 1575. This gentleman wedded, in 1574, Anne, daughter of Henry Mainwaring, esq. of Carinckam, in Cheshire, by whom (who subsequently married Thomas Ashold, esq. of Swetenham, in Cheshire, and d. in 1633) he had issue,

PETER, his successor.
Richard, d. s. p.
Frances, m. to Edward Littleton, esq.

son of Littleton, of Pillaton.
Anne, d. unmarried.
Mary, m. first, to John Woodroot, esq.

and, secondly, to John King, esq. Jane, d. without issue. The elder son and successor,

PETER DE ANYERS, esq. of Over Tabley, was but six years of age when his father died. In 1625, he represented the county of Chester in parliament, and marrying Christian, daughter of Richard Grosvenor, *34. of Eaton, in Cheshire, had issue,

1. Peter, of Over Tabley, a captain of

a foot company in the regiment of John, Earl of Rivers, raised for the king's service. He d. at Oxford of a shot received at the siege of Glou

cester, leaving (with a daughter, Margaret, who probably married into the Minchull family, a gentleman of that name being mentioned as the uncle of Sir Samuel Daniell) a son, Thomas, of Over Tabley, who m.

Alice, niece of Henry Neville,
esq. of Holt, in Leicestershire,
and had (with other children who
d. issueless)
1. SAMUEL (Sir), who served

as colonel in King William's
army, from which prince
he received the honour of
knighthood. He m. first,
Anne, daughter of Robert
Tatton, esq. of Withenshaw,
in the county of Chester;
and, secondly, Frances,
daughter of the Hon. Robert
Dormer, of Rowsham, in
Oxfordshire, by whom he
had an only daughter, Anne,
who died in infancy. Sir
Samuel d. 24th December,
1726, and by his testamen-
tary injunction directs his
body to be buried in his
chapel at Rosthorne, where
a monument is erected to his
memory. His estates were
left, by will, in the first in-
stance strictly entailed upon
strangers, of whom the first
were his great nephews, the
sons of Charles Ducken-
field, esq. of Mobberly, in
Cheshire, by whom the name
and arms of Daniell were
taken, the entail cut off, and
the estates sold. Thus the
surviving descendants of Sir
Samuel's great uncle, Co-
lonel William Daniell, were
deprived of their inherit-
ance, although Colonel Wil-
liam Daniell, in order to re-
pair the injury the Tabley es-
tates had sustained, had left
from his own dau. his posses-
sions in Staffordshire to Sir

Samuel Daniell's father. 2 Sarah, whom. Hewitt Park

er, esq. of Mobberley, and bad an only daughter, SARAH, who espousing Sir

C. Duckenfield, bt. had,

with other children, who

1. THOMAS Willis, esq. of Hi.' all d. unmarried, a son,

nead and of Hallo'th'Hill. T!. WILLIAM (Sir), bart.

gentleman, who rebuilt the nort who assumed, by

front of Halsnead, d. unmarries act of parliament,

in 1727, and was s. by his brother the surname of DA

2. DANIELL Willis, esq. of Hals NIELL upon inherit

nead and Hall o'th' Hill, who m ing the fortune of

Anne, daughter of William Ffar that family. Dying

rington, esq. of Shaw Hall, in the without issue, the

county of Lancaster, but dying estates passed from

without issue, 1st November. his relict to her se

1763, his estates passed to his cond husband, John

cousin, Thomas SwettenhamAstley, esq.

Willis, esq. of Swettenham, at II. WILLIAM, of whom presently.

whose demise also, without chilIII. Thomas, slain at the battle of Brain

dren, the property devolved upon ford, in 1642.

his kinsman, RALPH EARLE, esq. iv. Margaret, m. to Richard Green, esq. The eldest surviving child, of Congleton.

ELIZABETH DE ANYERs espoused twice; by v. Christian, m. to George Devonport, her second husband, William Hutton, esq. esq. of Calveley.

she had one son and a daughter, who vi. Mary, m. to Col. Finch, an officer in both d. issueless ; and by her first, Ralph

the parliament army, and a member i Finch, esq. of the noble family of Winchelof the noble family of Winchelsea

sea and Nottingham, an only daughter and and Nottingham.

heiress, VII. Elizabeth.

MARY Finch, who m. John Earle, esq. of VIII. Anne, m. to Robert Sanford, esq. of Liverpool, descended of the ancient house of Sanford.

Earle of Craglethorpe, in the county of LinThe second son,

coln, and had issue, WILLIAM DE ANYERs, esq. was colonel of

John, d. s. p. a regiment of infantry, in the service of the parliament, held under three several com

Ralph, of whom presently. missions, still preserved at Halsnead, viz.

Thomas, who had two daughters, of Generals Fairfax, Cromwell, and Monk. 1. Mary, m. to Thomas Earle, esq. of He m. Dorothy Forth,* of Wigan, in Lan

Shekelands, and has issue. cashire, co-heiress of William Forth, esq.

2. Jane, m. to Richard Gwillyne, esq. of Wigan, by whom he had several chil

of Bewsey, in the county of Landren, viz.

caster, and has issue. William,

William, who m. Mrs. Anne WinstanHenry,

ley, and had issue, Dorothy, d. unmarried. ELIZABETH, of whom hereafter.

Willis, of the Berkshire family of that name, and Mary,

to which family a baronetcy was granted by King Anne,

Charles I., came into Lancashire, and purchased Ellen, who m. 14th April, 1681, Martin estates in that county, which, together with others, Willis,t esq. of Halsnead, and had

are now in possession of Richard Willis, esq. of issue,

Halsnead Park. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of

Edward Martin, esq. of Drogheda, and had issue, This lady bore the arms of Holt and Forth, MARTIN, of Halsnead, who espoused Ellen being grandaughter of Holt, esq. of Shering

De Anyers, as above. ton and an heiress.

Bartha, who m. William Swettenham, esq. of + The family of Willis claims descent from the Swettenham, in Cheshire, and had a son, eminent and ennobled family of WELLES. Brown

Thomas, who assumed the surname of Willis, M.P. the celebrated antiquarian, was one

Willis upon inheriting the estates of of its members, and his descendants have assumed

his cousin, Daniell Willis, esq. Mr. of late years the surname of FLEMING, for estates

Swettenham-Willis d. in 1788, and left to them in Hampshire, where they are now

was s. in the Willis possessions by his resident. In the reign of CHARLES II. THOMAS

relative, Ralph Earle, esq.

} d. s. p.

} d. unmarried.

1. William, of Everton, m. and has Earle. He m. Annina-Cecilia Lutissue.

yens, an Italian lady, by whom he 2. Thomas, of Shekelands, who m. has, (with another son and daughter,

his cousin, Mary, daughter of both now deceased)
Thomas Earle, esq. and had issue.

1. Willis.

2. Sophia. 3. Mary, m. Arthur Heywood, M Willis was s. at his decease by his elder esq. of Larkhill.

son, RICHARD Willis, esq. now representaSarah, m. to the Hon. and Rev. John tive of the family.

Stanley, rector of Winwick, in the Arms--Arg. a fesse between three lions county of Lancaster, and brother of rampant gu. within a bordure, ermines.

Edward, eleventh Earl of Derby. QUARTERINGS. The eldest surviving son,


Halte, RALPH EARLE, esq. assumed, upon inherit De Tabley,

Finch, ing, 28th August, 1788, the Willis estates, Rixton,

Earle, in pursuance of the will of Daniell Willis,

&c. &c. &c. esq. of Halsnead and of Hallo' th' Hill, the Crest-Two lion's paws erect and erased, surname and arms of that family. He es- holding a human heart, gu. poused Dorothy, second daughter and heiress Motto_Virtus tutissima cassis. of Richard Aldersey, esq. of Liverpool, a Estates-Halsnead Park, near Prescot : branch of the Alderseys, of Aldersey, in Hall of the Hill, near Chorley; and Monks Cheshire, and had issue,

Hall, near Eccles, all in Lancashire. Ardee RICHARD, present proprietor.

House in the county Louth, Ireland. Willis, of Sandford Cottage, near Hals Seats-Halsnead Park, and Hall of the

nead, who still retains the name of Hill, both in Lancashire.



SHAFTO, ROBERT EDEN-DUNCOMBE, esq. of Whitworth Park, in the county

palatine of Durham, b. 23rd March, 1776, m. in November,
1803, Catherine, third daughter of Sir John Eden, bart. of
Windlestone, and has had issue,

ROBERT-DUNCOMBE, b. in London, 7th April, 1806.
John-Duncombe, b. 16th May, 1807.
Thomas-Duncombe, b. in 1811.
Frederick-William-Duncombe, b. 18th July, 1812, and

d. in 1820.
Slingsby-Duncombe, b. 11th August, 1811.
Arthur-Duncombe, b. 11th January, 1815.
Catherine, m. 17th May, 1827, to William-Charles Har-

land, esq. of Sutton Hall, in Yorkshire.

Maria-Georgiana. Mr. Shafto, who represented the City of Durham in parliament, in 1804, succeeded his brother in July, 1802,

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Lineage. The family of Shafto is of great antiquity, between the Scotch and English Wardens, in the north of England. Some little inci- one of the war-cries of the latter was, dental proof of the rank which the old lords Schaftan and a Fenwick.” The Scots had of Shafto held on the border may be gathered the honour of the day, and amongst the from song and tradition. At the “Raid of many English who were taken prisoners or the Redswire,in 1575, a hostile meeting wounded,

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