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Philomen-Pownoll, in holy orders, m. grasping a sword also ppr. pommel and hilt

Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Justice gold, in bend sinister the point downwards.

MottoPax potior bello.
Mr. Bastard died the same year he inhe-

Estates-Chiefly in Devonshire; KITLEY rited the estates, and was s. by his eldest the present residence, first possessed in 1700. son, EDMUND-POLLEXFEN BASTARD, esq. pre

The original property at different periods sent representative of the family.

since the Conquest, but the dates uncertain.

Some possessions in Cornwall about 1630, Arms.-Or, a chevron az.

and an estate in Berkshire about 1780. Crest.— A dexter arm embowed in plate Seats — Kitley, near Yealmpton, and armour, ppr. garnished or, the elbow to Buckland, near Ashburton, both in the wards the sinister, the hand in a gauntlet | county of Devon; and Lockinge, Berkshire.


BATEMAN, JOHN, esq. of Knypersley Hall, county of Stafford, and of Tolson Hall, in the county of Westmoreland, b. 31st October, 1782, m. 30th May, 1810, Elizabeth, second daughter of the late George Holt, esq. of Redivals, in Lancashire, and has issue, an only son,

James, b. 18th July, 1812.
Mr. Bateman served the office of High Sheriff for Staffordshire in 1830.


cretary to Sir Richard Weston, K.G. lord treasurer of England for Irish affairs), by whom he had issue,

JAMEs, his successor.

John, d. unmarried, in 1816.
Mr. Bateman d. in 1783, and was s. by his

elder son,

JAMES BATEMAN, esq. of Tolson Hall, who m. Margaret, daughter of Edward Nicholson, of Kendal, merchant, and grandaughter to the Rev. William Nicholson, of Old Hutton, by Margaret, first cousin to Secretary Cragg, and had issue,

John, his successor.
James, b. in 1784, d. in Germany in 1800.
Elizabeth, m. to William Thorpe, esq.

of Manchester, THOMAS BATEMAN, esq. of Tolson Hall, in Margaret, m. to 0. P. Wathen, esq. fifth the county of Westmoreland, dying in 1736, son of Sir Samuel Wathen, of Woodwas s. by his eldest son,

chester, in the county of Gloucester, John BATEMAN, esq. of Tolson Hall, who Susanna, m. to Richard Gould, esq. third m. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Branth son of Thomas Gould, esq. of Northaw, waite, esq. of Carlinghill, in the county in the county of Herts. of Westmoreland, (direct lineal descend Mr. Bateman d. in 1824, and was s. by his ant from, and inheritor of the estates of, elder son, John BATEMAN, esq. present proRobert Branthwayt, of Carlinghill, keeper of prietor. the Tower of London temp. JAMES I. and se Arms“Az, on a fesse embattled between

three crescents, issuant from each an estoile per Biddulph (including the manor of Knyarg. the chemical character of Mars sa. persley, the great tithes of the parish of Bid

CrestA tower arg. issuant therefrom a dulph, and the perpetual advowson of the demi-eagle, wings elevated sa. charged on vicarage of Biddulph), Wolstanton Horton, the breast with the chemical character of Rushton Spencer, and Norton le Moors, Mars or; in the beak a wreath of oak, ppr. Staffordshire, first possessed in 1809. In

Estates. In the townships of Strickland the township of Stroud, Gloucestershire, obKettle, Skelsmergh, and Burneside, West- tained in 1818; and in the townships of moreland, first acquired in 1622 and 1752. Congleton and Buglawton, Cheshire, acIn the townships of Manchester, Salford, and quired in 1823. Redivals, Lancashire, first possessed in Seat-Knypersley Hall, in the county of 1793. In the townships of Knypersley, Up- Stafford; and Tolson Hall, Westmoreland.


WISE, AYSHFORD, esq. of Ford House, and Wonwell Court, both in the county of

Devon, 6. 20th April, 1786, m. in June, 1809, Mary, daughter
of the Reverend Thomas Whitby, of Creswell-Hall, in Staf-
fordshire, (by Mabella, daughter of T. Turton, esq. of
Orgreve, and sister of the late Mrs. Portman, of Bryan-
stone) by whom he has had issue,

JOHN-AYSHFORD, b. in 1810.
Henry-Whitby, b. in 1813, d. in 1828.
Reginald, b. in 1814.

Mr. Wise succeeded his father, 19th May, 1809. He re-
presented Totness in parliament, from 1813 to 1817.

Lineage. This family, which resided in England | Thrusselton ; which lands he inherited from before the NORMAN CONQUEST, deduces its the Viponts. He was s. by his son, descent from

Thomas Wise, who had two sons, WILLIAM WISE, OR Gwiss, living about

John. forty years after that great event. He was

Oliver, who left a daughter, s. by his son,

Thomasine, m. to Hugh, son and heir SERLONIUS Fitz-Wise, who had a daugh

of Sir T. Beaumont. ter, m. to Fulford, of Fulford, and a son, his

The elder son, successor,

OLIVER Wise, who was s. by his son, John Wise, inherited lands from the

Sir John Wise, Lord of Greston, father Trevages and Sydenhams, and was sheriff of of

the county of Devon, in the 5th of HENRY HENRY WISE, whose son,

IV. His son, WILLIAM WISE, held sixteen librates of Thomas Wise, m. Margaret, daughter and land in Cornwall, in the 40th of Henry III. heiress of Robert Brett, esq. of Slottiscombe, (anno 1255). He was s. by his son, (descended from Alured de Brito). By this

SERLONIUS Wise, lord of the manor of lady he acquired the manor of Stoke Dama

rell, where the Wises built a house, called

of the same monarch. He repreMount Wise. He had issue,

sented Beeralston in parliament John Wise, of Sydenham, in Devon

in 1620, and following years. Sir shire, who m. Thomasine, daughter of Sir

Thomas built the seats of SydenBaldwin Fulford, of Great Fulford, in De

ham House and Mount Wise. vonshire, and had issue,

The former, says Westcote, “ is Oliver.

the seat of the knightly and digAlicia, m. to James Russell, esq. and was

nous family of Wise, and beautimother of John, first Earl of Bedford.

fied with buildings of such height, He was s. by his son,

as the very foundations are ready Oliver Wise, of Sydenham. This gen

to reele under the burthen.” Sir tleman m. Margaret, daughter of John Tre

Thomas m. Margaret, daughter mayne, esq. of Collacombe, in the county

and heiress of Robert Stafford, of Devon, and was s. by his elder son,

esq. of Stowford, in the county John Wise, of Sydenham, who m. first,

of Devon, and dying in 1629, Maria, daughter of James Chudleigh, esq.

left (with a daughter, Margaret, of Ashton, in the county of Devon, by

m. to Sir Samuel Rolle, M.P.) whom he had Thomas, Nicholas, and Anna.

a son and successor, He espoused, secondly, Dorothy, daughter

THOMAS Wise, of Mount Wise of - Legh, of Legh, and had two other

and Sydenham, who was sons and a daughter. He wedded, thirdly,

sheriff of Devonshire in 1638 Anna, daughter of Sir George Mathew, of

and representative of that Rader, in Wales, and had one son, Leonard.

shire in parliament anno He was s. by his eldest son,

1640. He m. the Lady MarJames Wise, of Sydenham, who m. Alicia,

garet Chichester, daughter daughter of James Dinham, esq. of Wor

of Edward, Earl of Donegal, tham, in the county of Devon, and had, with

by whom he had, with other other issue,

issue, a daughter, Margaret, John, his successor.

m. to Sir John Molesworth, William (Sir). Of this gentleman the

of Pencarrow, and a son, his following quaint anecdote is related. “ Having one day lente Henry VIII.

SIR EDWARD WISE, K.B. b. in his signet to seale a letter, which

1632, of Mount Wise and having powdered eremites on the

Sydenham. This gentleman seale, why how now, Wise, quoth the

supported the royal cause, king, what, hast thou lice here? And

and was member for Oakif it like your majestie, quoth Sir

hampton, in the parliament William, a louse is a rich coate, for by

which restored K'ingCHARLES giving the louse, I part names with

II. He m. first, in 1651, the French king, in that he giveth

Arabella, daugh. and one of the floure de lice. Whereat the king

the co-heirs of Oliver, Lord laughed heartily to heare how pret

St. John,* and had issue, tily so byting a taunt(namely proceed

St. John,

Thomas, ing from a king) was so daintily

} both d. 8. p. turned to so pleasante a conceite."

ARABELLA, m. in 1673, to James Wise was s. by his eldest son,

Edward Tremayne, esq.

of Collacombe. This John Wise, of Sydenham, who m. Alicia, daughter of John Harris, of Hayne, ser

lady, who was sole heir jeant-at-law to King Henry VIII. and

of her father, conveyed had, with other issue,

Mount Wise, Stoke 1. Thomas, who m. Mary, daughter of

Damarell, the manors
Richard Buller, esq. of Shillingham,
in Cornwall, and was s. by his son,

By Lady Arabella Egertor, daughter of John,
Sir Thomas Wise, who was made first Earl of Bridgewater, and grandaughter of the

a Knight of the Bath at the coro Earl of Bolingbroke, by Elizabeth, daughter of
nation of King James I. and was William Paulet, grandson of Sir George Paulet,
sheriff of Devonshire in the 9th brother of William, first Marquess of Winchester.


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eldest son,

This gen

of Sydenham, Stowford, Jane, m, to the Rev. J. Clarke.
and other lands, to her Sarah, m. to John Julian, esq.
husband, She d. 31st Mr. Wise d. in 1765, and was s. by his

January, 1696.
Sir Edward Wise espoused, John Wise, esq. of Totness, and Wonwell
secondly, Radigund, daugh- Court, b. 27th August, 1751.
ter of J. Eliot, esq. of Port tleman m. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert

Eliot, and d. in 1675. Froude, esq. of Edmaston (by Phillis, 2. John.

daughter and heir of Richard Harrell, esq.) The second son,

and had issue, John Wise, esq. who was of Totness, m. AYSHFORD, his heir. Emma, daughter of Richard Vavasor, esq. Frederic. and was s. by his son,

John, his Majesty's consul-general in William Wise, esq. of Totness, b. in 1560, Sweden. who d. in 1626, and was s. by his son, Mr. Wise was recorder of Totness, and a

John Wise, esq. of Totness. This gentle-deputy-lieutenant of the county of Devon. man m. in 1631, Susanna, sister and co-heir He d. on the 19th May, 1807, and was s. by of T. Prestwood, esq. and dying 6th Sep- his eldest son, the present AYSHFORD Wise, tember, 1670, was s. by his son,

esq. of Ford House, and Wonwell Court. John Wise, esq. of Totness, who m. first, Arms — Quarterly ; 1. Sa. three chevMary, daughter of Lewis Full, esq. of Ash, ronels, ermine. 2. Arg. guttée de sang, in Devonshire, and had a daughter, Mary, three copper cakes sa. 3. Gu. a cross pattée m. in 1697, to A. Champernowne, esq. and vaire. 4. Sa. on a fess or between two afterwards to J. Sawle, esq. of Penrice crosses pattée arg. as many pallets, gu. Castle. Mr. Wise espoused, secondly, in 5. Ar. three hawks gu. membered, beaked, 1684, Dorothy, daughter of J. Brookinge, &c. or. 6. Gu. a chev. per fesse indented ar. esq. of Totness, and had issue,

and az, between three martlets ar. 7. Arg. John.

on a bend gu. three stags courant or. 8. Sa. Lewis.

a pelican in her piety or. 9. Arg. three Samuel, m. Trephana, daughter of bendlets gu. within a bordure charged with

Coplestone, esq. of Bowden, and twelve bezants sa. 10. Gu. a fesse ar. betw. dying in 1730, left

three escallops or. 11. Or, on a chev. gu. JOHN, who succeeded eventually to a crescent on the first. 12. Ar. three ash

the estates and representation of crops vert. betw. two chevronels sa. 13. Or, the family.

on a bend sa. three horse shoes or. 14. Gules, Lewis.

an arm in armour, holding a battle-axe, ar. Samuel, d. in 1746.

Crest—The old crest of the Wises, of Mary, m. to W. Payne, esq. Sydenham, was a mermaid, ppr. In 1400, John Wise d. 26th July, 1702, and was s. by a demi-lion rampant, gu. guttée ar. holding his eldest son,

in his paws a regal mace, was granted to John Wise, esq. who d. in 1743, and was the family. Mr. Wise likewise bears the s. by his brother,

crest of the Ayshfords—a Saracen's head in Lewis Wise, esq. who d. in 1744, and was profile, ppr. issuing out of a wreath of leaves s. by his nephew,

ppr. JOHN Wise, esq. of Totness, who m. Mar Motto-Sapere aude. garet, daughter and heir of John Ayshford, Estates-Wonwell Court, and the Barton esq. of Wonwell Court, in the county of De- of that name, in the parish of Kingston ; von, and had, with other issue,

manor of Skenbeny, near Modbury, and John, his successor.

Bigbury Bay; all of which came into the George-Furlong, m. Miss Dacres, and family with the heiress of the Ayshfords.

was father of Cap. W. Wise, and other Manor of Little Totness. The great and issue.

small tithes of the parish of Totness, which Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. B. Trist. came into the family in 1602. The Barton Dorothy, m. to M. Milbank, esq. of of Cot, in the parish of Darlington, acquired

Thorpe Hall, in the county of York, by the Wises about the same period.

father of the member for Camelford. Seats-Ford House, near Newton Abbot, Margaret, m. to the Rev. D. Amyatt. and Wonwell Court, both in Devonshire.


RICKETTS, THOMAS-BOURKE, esq. of Combe, in the county of Hereford, 6. 28th

September, 1780, m. 4th August, 1804, Harriet, second
daughter of the late General William Loftus, colonel of
the second dragoon guards and lieutenant of the Tower
of London, (a descendant of Adam Loftus, Archbishop
of Dublin, temp. QUEEN ELIZABETH) and has issue,

George-CRAWFORD, an officer in the guards.
Frances-Spencer-Perceval,} twins.


This family, whose surname was origi- , and the Lady Elizabeth Grey, only daughter nally RICARDS, is of Norman extraction. of Arthur, fourteenth Lord Grey de Wilton, The first person we find upon record is, by his lordship's first wife, Dorothy Zouch,

Ricards, esq. who d. leaving three (see Burke's Extinct Peerage) by whom sons, viz.

(who d. in 1758, at the advanced age of 96) Oswald, d. s.p.

he had issue, THOMAS, who carried on the line of the

John, d. s. p. family.

William, of Ridgeland, in Jamaica, who William-Henry, d. s.p.

settled in the Jerseys of North AmeThe second son,

rica, and, having married Mary, COLONEL THOMAS RICARDS, a gallant sol daughter of Wallon, esq. of New dier in the army of CHARLES I., was killed in York, became the founder of the fasupport of the royal cause at the siege of mily of RICKETTS, of North America. Lichfield. He m. Miss Elizabeth Rugely, Jacob, d. without issue. of Rugely, in Staffordshire, and had two sons, GEORGE, of whom presently. John, who d. without issue ;

Benjamin, d. s. p. and

Oswald, captain R.N. lost on the rocks WILLIAM RICARDS, esq. a captain in Crom

of Bermudas. well's army, who, accompanying the expe Violetta, d. unmarried. dition under Penn and Venables, was pre Rachel, m. to Thomas Johnson, esq. and sent at the conquest of Jamaica, in 1665,

had issue. and subsequently obtained the command of Captain William Ricketts d. in 1700, leaving Bluefield's fort in that island. His commis- his wife his executrix and sole guardian of sion having been made out in the name of his children. His fourth son, Ricketts, he and his descendants have ever George RICKETTS, esq. of Canaan, in since retained that designation. Hem. about Jamaica, major-general of the militia, d. in the year 1672,Mary, daughter of — Goodwin, 1760, at the advanced age of 80, in conseesq. a younger son of Sir Francis Goodwin, *

quence of fatigues occasioned by military

duties during the rebellion of that year. He • Sir Francis Goodwin's eldest son, Arthur m. first, Sarah, daughter of Rayers Waite, Goodwin, esq. of Winchendon, or Winchingdon, esq. of Chertsey, Surrey, and grandaughter Bucks, left an only daughter and heiress,

of Colonel Thomas Waite, M.P. for RutJANE Goodwin, who m. Lord Wharton. landshire, in the Long Parliament (Colonel

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