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Isabel, m. to Sir Gervase Clifton, knt. vanced to the dignity, by patent, dated 7th

of Clifton, in the county of Notting- August, 1620, and in the following year, Sir ham.

Francis obtained a reversionary grant, by Thomas Annesley was s. at his decease by patent, dated 11th March, 1621, of the Irish his only son,

Viscounty of Valentia at the decease of the Sir Hugh ANNESLEY, knt. whom. dau. then viscount, Sir Henry Power. He was of Sir John Babington, of Chilwell, in the put, however, into the more immediate poscounty of Notts, and left (with a daughter, session of a peerage, by the title of BARON Isabella, wife of Edmund Willoughby, esq.) MOUNTNORRIS, of Mountnorris, in the county an only son and successor,

of Armagh. His lordship m. first, Dorothy, Sir Hugh AnneSLEY, knt. of Annesley, daughter of Sir John Philipps, of Picton who m. a daughter of William Fitz Williams, Castle, and from this marriage the Earls of esq. and had two sons,

Anglesey, the Lords Altham, and the present John, of Annesley, who d. 15th HENRY Earl of Mountnorris, are descended (see VI. leaving a dau. and sole heiress, Burke's Extinct Peerage). The viscount Alice, who m. Sir George Cha- espoused, secondly, Jane, daughter of Sir

worth, knt. ancestor of the Vis- John Stanhope, and sister of Philip, first
counts Chaworth, and with her Earl of Chesterfield, by whom he had, with
the manor and estate of ANNES- other issue, a son,
LEY passed to the family of Cha The Hon. FRANCIS ANNESLEY, of Clogmag-
worth, and is now in the posses- hericatt, in the county of Down, who m. De-
sion of John CHAWORTH-Mus- borah, daughter of Henry Jones, Bishop of
TERS, esq.

Meath, by whom he had a son and successor, THOMAS.

Francis Annesley, esq. of Thorganby, in The second son,

the county of York, M.P. for Westbury and · THOMAS ANNESLEY, esq. of Rodington, was Downpatrick. Hem. Elizabeth, daughter of s. by his elder son,

Sir John Martin, of London, and had issue, William ANNESLEY, esq. of Rodington, Francis, his successor. who m. Mabel, daughter of - English, esq.

Henry, d. 1728. and had (with four daughters) five sons, viz. Martin, in holy orders, rector of Frils

Hugh (Sir), of Maple Durham, in the ham, Berks, m. and had issue.

county of Oxford, who left three John.


William, who was created, in 1755, } both d. s. p. Ralph,

Baron Annesley, and in eight years Robert, of whom presently.

after, Viscount Glerawley. The great John.

grandson of this nobleman is the preThe fourth son,

sent William, Earl of Annesley. Robert Annesley, esq. eventually suc Arthur, d. in 1786. ceeded to the family estates, and was of Elizabeth, William Macguire, esq. Newport Pagnell, in the county of Bucks. Mr. Annesley d. in 1750, and was s. by his He m. Joan, daughter of William Cloville, eldest son, of Coldhall, in Essex, by whom he had (with The Rev. FRANCIS ANNESLEY, LL.D. recthree daughters) an only son and heir, tor of the valuable living of Winwick, in

George ANNESLEY, esq. of Newport Pag- the county of Lancaster, who m. Anne, nell, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert Gayer, Dove, esq. and had eight sons and three of Stokepoges, in the county of Bucks, by daughters. The eldest son,

Lady Elizabeth, sole daughter and eventual ROBERT ANNESLEY, esq. settled in Ireland. heiress of James Annesley, second Earl of Hem. Beatrice, daughter of John Cornwall, Anglesey, and had issue, esq. of Moor Park, in the county of Here Arthur, his successor. ford, and was s. by his elder son,

Francis, in holy orders, of Eydon, in Sir Francis ANNESLEY, knt. who, for forty the county of Northampton, which years, filled several of the highest official manor he purchased. He m. Mary, situations in Ireland. Upon the institution daughter of John Walker, esq. of of the order of baronets of that kingdom, Sir Bicester, but d. s. p. in 1811. Francis Annesley was the second person ad James, d. 9th December, 1777.

Dr. Annesley was s. by his eldest son,

Anne, m. to Charles Warde, esq. of ARTHUR ANNESLEY, esq. of Bletchingdon, Squerries, in the county of Kent. in the county of Oxford, who m. Elizabeth, Elizabeth. dau. of William Baldwin, esq. of Arguileth, Mr. Annesley d. in February, 1773, and was in Shropshire, and had issue,

s. by his elder son, the present ARTHUR ARTHUR, his heir.

ANNESLEY, esq. of Bletchingdon. Francis, b. in 1763, in holy orders, B.D.

Arms—Paly of six arg. and az. a bend some time fellow of All Souls College,

gu. Oxford, resident of Eydon, county

Crest A moor's head in profile, couped of Northampton, to which place he ppr. wreathed about the temples. succeeded on the death of his uncle MottoVirtutis amore. Francis, in 1811. Mr. Francis Annes Seat -- Bletchingdon, near Woodstock, ley d. 13th December, 1831.



SHAKERLEY, CHARLES-WATKIN-JOHN, esq. of Somerford Hall, in the county

of Chester, and of Park-place, Berkshire, b. 15th June, 1767, m. Dorothy, daughter of John Moreland, esq. of Copplethwaite, in the county of Westmorland, by whom he has surviving issue,

CHARLES-PETER, 6. 27th December, 1792, who m. first,

Rosalba d'Avaray, daughter of the Duke d’Avaray, and secondly, Jessy, daughter of Thomas Scott, esq.

of Shipperton, in the county of Middlesex.
Geoffrey-Joseph, b. 25th March, 1800, who m. in 1827,

Eleanor-Maria, daughter of the late Reverend James
Webster, of Ashfield, in the county of Longford,

Frances-Margarita, m. to Vigors Hervey, esq. of Kil-

liane Castle, county of Wexford, and of Hammerton

Hall, in the county of York. This gentleman, whose patronymic was Buckworth, assumed, by act of parliament, in 1790, the surname and arms of SHAKERLEY only. He was high sheriff for Cheshire in 1791.


The ancient family of Shakerley derives William, living in 1636. from ADAM DE SHAKERLEY, living temp. Margaret, who d. s.p. HENRY III. whose son, HENRY DE Shakerley, espoused Ellen, Anne,* daughter of Sir William Booth, of

Geoffrey Shakerley espoused, secondly, heiress of -- Shotteworth, of Shotteworth, and from this marriage lineally descended GEOFFREY SHAKERLEY, of Shakerley, living

* This lady had previously been married to in the reign of HENRY VII. who m. first John Legh, esq. of Booths, (son of John Legh, Joane, sister of Robert Langley, of Edge- by Emma, daughter and co-heiress of Robert croft, and had issue,

Grosvenor, of Holme), and had an only daughter PETER, his successor.

and heiress,

Susan, } d. unn.

} d. s. p.


Dunham Massey, but had no further issue.
He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Peter SHAKERLEY, esq. of Shakerley,

Bridget, m. John Bolton, esq. of living 8th Henry VIII. who m. Elizabeth,

Little Bolton. daughter and heiress of John Legh, esq. of 2. Peter, Booths, and was s. at his decease by his son, 3. Thomas,

Geoffrey SHAKERLEY, esq. of Holme, who 4. Geoffrey, who m. Jane, daughter of m. first, the daughter of Lawrence Holland, John Buttery, esq. of Waterles. and secondly, Isabella, daughter of Thomas 5. Anne, m. to Henry Bunbury, esq. of Venables, of Kinderton. He d. 5th June, Stanney. 1547, leaving issue, (by which wife is not 6. Dorothy, m. to William Legh, esq. positively ascertained, but probably by the of Booths, sheriff of Cheshire in 1636. first) six sons and four daughters, viz.

7. Elinor. Peter, his successor.

8. Alice. Robert.

Geoffrey Shakerley d. in 1618, and was s. Thomas.

by his grandson, John, who m. Avice, daughter and co

Peter SHAKERLEY, esq. of Holme, who m. heiress of Ralph Worseley, of Ches

Margaret, daughter of Philip Oldfield, esq. ter and Birkenhead.

of Bradwall, and by her (who married after Edward.

his decease William Vernon, the Cheshire Francis.

Antiquary,) he had a son, Elizabeth, m. to Roger Anderton, esq.

Sir GeoFFREY SHAKERLEY, knt. his sucof Forde.

cessor in 1624. This personage, a staunch Margaret, m. to Richard Massey, esq.

and devoted loyalist, suffered severely for of Sale.

his attachment to the STUARTS. He was Jane, m. to John Bradshaw, esq. of

several times imprisoned, and had his lands Bradshaw. Anne, m. to Richard Rivington, esq. of

confiscated. Upon the restoration, how

ever, he obtained restitution, and was apPilkington.

pointed by the king governor of Chester Geoffrey Shakerley was s, by his eldest son,

Castle. In Pennant's Wales is recorded a Peter SHAKERLEY, esq. of Holme, whom.

gallant exploit of this stout cavalier. During Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Sir the battle between Poyntz and Sir MarmaRandle Mainwaring of Over Peover, and

duke Langdale, on Rowton Heath, Colonel dying 6th January, 1553, was s. by his eldest

Shakerley was commissioned to carry the son,

intelligence of an advantage of the Royalists GEOFFREY Shakerley, esq. of Holme, who

to the king, in Chester, then beleaguered, and was sheriff of Cheshire in 1610. He es

to avoid a troublesome circuit, he crossed poused Jane, daughter of Sir George Bees

the Dee in a tub, his horse swimming at the ton, of Beeston, and had issue,

side; and offered to carry back the king's 1. Hugh, who m. Margaret, daughter commands in a quarter of an hour, in the

of Thomas Bunbury, esq. of Stanney, same manner. Charles delayed, Poyntz and dying vitâ patris, left issue,

rallied, and the royal cavalry were desPeter, successor to his grandfather.

troyed, which put an end to his Majesty's Robert, who m. Amy, daughter of project of joining Montrose, who was then

William Dod, esq. of Egerton | in force in Scotland. Sir Geoffrey espoused

first, Katherine, daughter of William PenJohn,

nington, esq. of Muncaster, in the county ,

of Cumberland, by whom (who d. 4th April, Jane, m. to Francis Atwood, esq. of 1673) he had issue, Middlewich.

Peter, his successor.

Geoffrey, who m. Frances, daughter of ELIZABETH, who succeeded to the manor of

Francis Keynell, esq. of the island Holme,and her grandmother's share of Gros

of Nevis, but d. s. p. m. venor's lands, but the Booths estate reverted Anne, m. to Charles Hurleston, esq. of to her father's heir male. She wedded (as Picton, and had issue. stated above) Peter Shakerley, esq.


He m. secondly, Jane, daughter of John county of Stafford, by whom (who d. in 1767, Dolben, esq. of Segroyt, in Denbighshire, at the advanced age of 89) he had issue to and had further issue,

survive infancy, GEORGE, of whom hereafter as successor 1. GEOFFREY, b. in 1706, who m. Anne, to his half brother Peter.

daughter and co-heiress of John HurJohn, twin with George, d. s.p. in 1709. leston, esq. of Newton, by whom Sir Geoffrey Shakerley d. in 1696, at the (who remarried Lord Kilmorey) he age of 78, and was interred at Nether Peo left at his decease, in 1733, no surver.* His eldest son and heir,

viving issue. Peter SHAKERLEY, of Holme, was go 2. Peter, successor to his father. vernor of Chester. He m. Elizabeth, dau. 3. John, d. s. p. in 1725-6. of Sir Thomas Mainwaring, bt. but dying 4. George, in holy orders, d. 8. p. issueless in 1726, he settled his estates upon 5. Frances, m. in 1748, Sir Watkin his balf brother,

Williams Wynn, bart. and had two GEORGE SHAKERLEY, esq. of Holme and sons, of whom the elder, Gwersyllt, who m. Ann, youngest daughter

SIR WATKIN WYNN, bart, was father of Sir Walter Bagot, of Blythefield, in the

of the present Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, bart. of Wynnstay,

M.P. for Denbighshire. • In the north side of Holme chancel, in Nether Mr. Shakerley d. 2nd February, 1756, and Peover church, a large and handsome mural mo was s. by his eldest surviving son, Doment of marble is erected to the memory of Sir Peter Shakerley, esq. of Holme, who Geoffrey, with the following inscription : m. twice, but had one daughter only, (by his M. S.

first wife, Ann, daughter of John Amson, Galfridi Shakerley, de Shakerley

esq. of Lees), which daughter, in agro Lancastriensi,

ELIZA SHAKERLEY, suceeded to the estates. qui a castris reportavit gloriam,

This lady espoused in 1764, Charles Buckadhuc adolescens. Ob. fidem utrique Carolo et ecclesiæ periclitanti worth, esq. of Park-place, in the county of præstitam

Berks, sometime a lieutenant in the royal iterum, iterumque carcere conclusus,

navy, British fusileers, and had, with other rei familiaris despendium, et quicquid iniquum issue, a son, Charles-Watkin-John BUCKexcogitavit

worth, esq. who has assumed the surname parricidalis democraticorum furor, of Shakerley, and is the present proprietor. eadem animi constantia qua prius discrimina Arms—Arg. a chev. vert between three belli sustinuit

hillocks of the second. adversis major nec secundis impar.

Crest-A hare ppr. resting her fore feet A Rege tandem restaurato ad equestrem dignitatem on a garb or. promotus

Estates-Somerford Hall, Township of Arcis Cestrensis præfectus fuit ;

Somerford, parish of Astbury; Bigley cum hoc munus, ab eo spontè depositum,

Yate Houses, and Allostach and Brereton, PETRUS, primogenitus

in the parish of Brereton; all in the county of ex CATHARINA filia Gul. PENNINGTON de Muncaster

Chester. Shakerley, in the county of Lanpari vigilantiâ ac fide administravit; caster. Park Place, Berks; and Winchesex eadem lectissima conjuge

ter Street, in the city of London. (cujus ossa sunt hic recondita)

Seats-Somerford Hall, in Cheshire. Park tres insuper suscepit liberos.

Place, Berkshire.


EYSTON, CHARLES, esq. of East Hendred, in the county of Berks, m. Maria-
Theresa, daughter of T. P. Metcalfe, esq. of Barnborough, Yorkshire, and has issue,


Mr. Eyston served the office of high sheriff for the county of Berks, in 1831.


Berkshire gentry of 1433. The only daughter and heiress of this marriage,

ISABEL Stowe, espoused

John Eyston, (whose family had, for three generations before, possessed a manor in Isleworth, in Middlesex, now belonging to the Duke of Northumberland,) and was s. by her son,

William Eyston, esq. of East Hendred, living there in 1494, who was father of

THOMAS Eyston, esq. of East Hendred.

This gentleman m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert The Eystons have enjoyed their Berkshire

Hyde, esq. and had a son, his successor, cstates, in the male line, since the reign of HENRY VI. but inherit them from families in

John Eyston, esq. of East Hendred, living whose possession they were at a much earlier in 1544, who m. Maud, daughter of Humperiod.

phrey Tirrell, esq. of Wanley, Essex, and ROBERT DE TUrbeville was seised of a

was s. by his son, manor in East Hendred, early in the reign

John Eyston, esq. b. in 1531, who m. of Henry III. and from him the estate passed first, Joan Clifford, but had no issue. He

espoused, secondly, Jane, daughter and coto

RICHARD De Turbeville, who lived temp. heir of Thomas Berington, of Streatly, in the EDWARD I. and left an only daughter and county of Berks, and had several children, heiress,

by the eldest of whom, AMICIA DE TURBEVILLE, who espoused Wil William Eyston, esq. he was succeeded liam de Arches, and was s. at her decease by at his decease, in 1590. This gentleman

m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of James William De Arches, knight for Berks in Thatcher, esq. of Priesthawes, in Sussex, by 1336, whose son,

whom he had fourteen children. Adhering to JOHN DE Arches, also represented that the tenets of the Roman Catholic religion, Mr. county in the 8th and 14th of Richard II. Eyston had his lands repeatedly sequestered and 4th and 6th of Henry IV. He left at during the reign of CHARLES I. He d. in his decease a son and heir,

1649, and was s. by his eldest son, William RAWLIN DE ARCHES, who dying William EYSTON, esq. b. in 1611, who m. without male issue, his estates passed to his Eleanor, daughter of George Smith, esq. of only daughter and heiress,

Ash, in the county Palatine of Durham, and MAUD DE Arches, who conveyed those, had issue, (since denominated the manor of Arches,) William, who was cast away in a vessel with other territorial possessions to her hus sailing between Marseilles and Legband, John Stowe, of Burford, in the county horn, in the eighteenth year of his of Oxford, whose name occurs in the list of


her son,


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