Geology and Mineralogy Considered with Reference to Natural Theology, Volumen 2

Carey, Lea and Blanchard, 1837

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Página ii - ... human body. We should see the same concatenation and subserviency, the same necessity and usefulness, the same beauty and harmony, in all and ' every of its parts, as what we discover in the body of every single animal.
Página ii - Could the body of the whole earth, or indeed the whole universe, be thus submitted to the examination of our senses, were it not too big and disproportioned for our inquiries, too unwieldy for the management of the eye and hand, there is no question but it would appear to us as curious and well-contrived a frame as that of a human body.
Página 106 - The following observations by the same gentleman in a recent communication to the Geological Society of London, (April, 1836,) appear to contain the rudiments of a Theory, which, when maturely developed, promises to offer a solution of this difficult and complex Problem. " If it be admitted that fissures may have been produced by changes in the temperature of the earth, there can be little difficulty in also admitting that electricity may have powerfully influenced the existing arrangement of the...

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