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connexion of with physico-theo-
logy, i. 492.
Veins, mineral, origin and disposi-
tion of, i. 409, 411; most fre-
quent in early rocks, i. 410;
theories respecting origin of, i.
411 ; apparatus for production
of, i. 425 i granitic, intersecting
older granite, ii. 4; of sienite,
porphyry, serpentine and green-
stone, intersecting other rocks,
ii. 5; mineral, influence of elec-
tro-magnetic action in, ii. 107–
Vertebrata, represented by fishes
in the transition formation, i. 56.
Volcanoes, present effect of, i. 46.
Volcanic forces, their effects on
the condition of the globe, i. 47.
Volcanic rocks, frequent in tertiary
strata, i. 76; of modern forma-
tion, ii. 7.
Voltz, M., on Mantellia from Lune-
ville, i. 369.
Voltzia, genus of coniferae in new
red sandstone, i. 364.

Watchet, nacre of ammonites pre-
served in lias at, i. 283.

Waters, not created on the third
day of Mosaic cosmogony, i. 30 ;
sources of mineral and thermal
in faults, i. 424.

Water, its rank in geological dyna-
mics, i. 33 ; supplied to springs
by stratified rocks, i. 62 : its
agency in preserving organic re-
mains, i. 104; circulation of in
metallic veins, i. 408; perpetual
circulation and functions of, i.

Watt, his experiments on crystalli-
zation of bodies cooled slowly, i.


- 131

Webster, Mr., section prepared by,
ii. 2.
Weinbohla, sienite, intersecting
and overlying chalk at, ii. 5.
Weis, Professor, his account of
bones of megatherium, i. 127 ;
his belief that the megatherium
had armour, i. 128.
Wells, causes of rise of water in, i.
Werner, his theory of the forma-
tion of stratified rocks, i. 43 ; of
veins, i 411.
Wheatstone Prof., on crystals pro-
duced by electro-chemical action,
i. 412.
Whewell, Mr., his view of the
nebular hypothesis, i. 40.
Whitby, ammonites from, i. 256.
Wielieska, salt in tertiary formation,
i. 63.
Winds, effect in causing undula-
tions during the formation of
stone in Portland, i. 371; effect
in forming strata in Bermudas
and in Cornwall, i. 154.
Witham, Mr., his publications on
fossil coniferae, i. 363, 364, 366.
Worm holes, fossil, i. 198,

Yarrell, Mr., on the vision of birds,
i. 136.

Zamia pungens, mode of inflores-
cence, i. 371.

Zamia spiralis, buds on trunk of, i.

Zamia horrida, section of trunk of,
i. 373.

Zeiten, M., his description of fossil
pens and ink bags in Wirtem-
berg, i. 233.

Zoology, study of, indispensable to
geology, i. 92.


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