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and his heirs ; otherwise, the grant is to the next chosen member who will build on these terms.

One lot free for the first fenator, in like manner.

One ļot free for the first judge, provided Lystra shall become a town where courts are keld, and the judge shall build a house on the lot, in which case the grant is to him and his heirs, otherwise to the next judge who shall take it upon those terms.

One lot free to the first minister of the first church, whatever the persuasion may be, chosen by the free fuffrages of the freeholders, and his heirs. And a lot free to the said first minister and his fuccessors.

One lot free to the first man who fall erect a commodigus hotel for the entertainment of travellers, undertake to keep it in good order and well-provided with refreshments, on reasonable terms, under the regulation of the police, according to circiumstances, providing for the comfort of the traveller, and guarding strictly against imposition.

Two lots to be free lots for public granaries, to be used by mer: chants, who will build upon them gratis, till such time as the public occasions Mall call for their appropriated use.

The angles marked in the plate a, a, a, a, to be appropriated as market-places; and the strand of the creek to be commodiously edified with docks and landings, whenever the unappropriated public lots shall bear a price equal to the undertaking, together with fuch improvements of the navigation in the rolling Fork, as fhall be found proper and expedient. And from these immunities, those parts of a lot formed by the Fork of Lyftra creek, Mall belong to the liberties of the town, to be kept in a neat manner as a common meadow, upon which every inhabitant of the town, and freeholder of the township, hall have the privilege of grazing his horse the first night of his coming into the town, or of his return from a jour. ney, under the inspection of an overseer, taking care to do no injury to fence, or hedge, or flirub. The remaining parts shall also belong to the liberties of the town, and finally be laid out in such lots, with such restraints on the order of building as shall preserve the beauty of the whole ; and these lots, together with what remains unappropriated hereby, as hereinafter nientioned, in the year 1804, if not previously sold by order of the subscribers, to be then con. veyed, with what may remain, if any, of the township, to the sub{cribers, as their private property

EightyEighty-four lots in the township are appropriated for the common good and sole use of the town, to be sold at such times and on such pccasions as shall arise and be agreed on by the freeholders of the town, for building a church on the angle marked A, fo far as ten lots fhall go to that purpose ; an edifice for a college on the angle marked B, so far as ten lots shall go to that puprose; an edifice for a town hall on the angle marked C, so far as ten lots shall go to that purpose ; and some other public building, as a theatre or place of amusement, on the angle marked D, so far as ten lots shall go to that purpose. These edifices to be handsome and uniform, to be built with wings fronting the curve line which forms the circus ; the church to be adorned with a steeple, and the other buildings with cupolas. And for doing other works of public utility, such as may arise in all times hereafter, till the whole stock thus appropriated is exhausted; but as the exigency arises, such lots are to be fold for the purpose, indiscriminately, according as they shall bear a * price adequate to the undertaking.

The township of Franklin contains one hundred and fixteen thous fand fix hundred and fifty-six acres, and is most commodiously situated between two capital branches of that fine river which gives naine to the State, the banks of which are better peopled than any other part of the State; on which lie the city of Lexington, the towns of Boonsborough, Danville, Grenville, Lees-town, &c. affording markets to the farmer for his produce. The river, about two hundred yards wide at the spot appropriated for a town already planned, to be called Franklinville, is navigable for large craft many miles above, and by the deep creeks into its interior parts for boats of considerable burthen.

In this township the farmer will have no need of manuring his grounds for many years to come, nature having already replenished the foil with a stock not foon to be exhausted. A considerable part of the land is of the prime quality, the second and third qualities are full strong enough for the various productions of the staples of life for man and beast.

Coal of a superior quality abound within the limits, and in spots near the waters, and convenient for navigation to other parts of the country. There are two falt springs near the river, and a large quantity of copperas. The designed town is planned for the point si the confluence of the north and middle branches into the main giver. Mason county, in which this township stapds, will doubtlefs


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te foon divided into, at least, two more, and one will form a natural angle from this point, and probably be bounded by Red river, and Franklinville become the shire town.

The streets, angles, circus and crescents, in this town, to be free to the public.

The streets, which, according to the plan, are one hundred feet wide, may be reduced to eighty feet, giving equally to the lots adjoining on each side, which are, according to the plan, one hundred feet wide and two hundred feet deep, and the houses to be built regularly, according to the taste of the proprietors, on a line twentyfive feet distant from the streets; and one moiety of each lot to be laid out in gardens, and separated from each other, and from the vistas, by simple palisades. This order of building not to be infringed.

Five h;ındred lots, to be drawn by some one chosen to represent the town for that purpose, to be vested in trustees for the use thereof, and fold”at such times and on such occasions, as may arise and be agreed on by the suffrages of the freeholders of the township and town; for building public edifices in the angles within the lines forming the circus and crescents : the churches to be adorned with handsome steeples, and the other public buildings with suitable cupolas, and built with a sufficient degree of uniformity to give those structures a handsome appearance. Also for making common sewers, aqueducts, market-places, granaries, piers and landing-places, paving the ftreets, planting the vistas with trees corresponding to their names, embellishing the circus and crescents, planting the public garden, lighting, watching and cleansing the town, and doing all such matters as belong to the public good, according to the public agreement; but these lots not to be sold until they bear a sufficient price for de. fraying the undertaking, at such times when it may be judged expedient.

One hundred and fixteen lots gratis to the subscribers, one to each thousand acres.

One hundred lots gratis to the first hundred residents.

Twenty.fix lots gratis, formed in the angles of the circus and crescents, for the ministers, presidents, and other officers connected with the public buildings.

One hundred lots, to be balloted for the purpose, and vested in trustees, to be granted by the suffrages of the people, as compliments, accompanying other marks of public esteem, to such persons VOL.UI.


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