Catalogue of Books Relating to Architecture: Construction and Decoration in the Public Library of the City of Boston

The Trustees, 1914 - 535 páginas
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Página 333 - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
Página 8 - ILLUSTRATED COMPANION TO THE LATIN DICTIONARY AND GREEK LEXICON: forming a Glossary of all the Words representing Visible Objects connected with the Arts, Manufactures, and Every-day Life of the Ancients. With Representations of nearly Two Thousand Objects from the Antique.
Página 464 - House Property. HANDBOOK OF HOUSE PROPERTY. A Popular and Practical Guide to the Purchase, Mortgage, Tenancy, and Compulsory Sale of Houses and Land, including the Law of Dilapidations and Fixtures; with Examples of all kinds of Valuations, Useful Information on Building, and Suggestive Elucidations of Fine Art. By EL TARBUCK, Architect and Surveyor. Fifth Edition, Enlarged. 12mo, 53. cloth. " The advice Is thoroughly practical."— Law Journal.
Página 17 - Observations on the Varieties of Architecture, used in the Structure of Parish Churches: To which is added a Description of the Characteristics of the Saxon, Norman, and pointed Arch Styles...
Página 466 - House Property. HANDBOOK OF HOUSE PROPERTY : a Popular and Practical Guide to the Purchase, Mortgage, Tenancy, and Compulsory Sale of Houses and Land ; including the Law of Dilapidations and Fixtures ; with Explanations and Examples of all kinds of Valuations, and useful Information and Advice on Building.
Página 358 - THE PREVENTION OF DAMPNESS IN BUILDINGS ; with Remarks on the Causes, Nature and Effects of Saline, Efflorescences and Dry-rot, for Architects, Builders, Overseers, Plasterers, Painters and House Owners. By ADOLF WILHELM KEIM. Translated from the German of the second revised Edition by MJ SALTER, FIC, FCS Eight Coloured Plates and Thirteen Illustrations.
Página 139 - A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in the Northern Counties of England and in Scotland.
Página 337 - Cloth. With 201 Illustrations. 6s. net. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE DESIGN OF BEAMS, GIRDERS, AND COLUMNS IN MACHINES AND STRUCTURES. With Examples in Graphic Statics. BY WILLIAM H. ATHERTON, M.Sc., MIMECH.E.
Página 463 - Showing New and Simple Methods for finding the Pitch of the Plank, Drawing the Moulds, Bevelling, Jointing-up, and Squaring the Wreath. By GEORGE COLLINGS-.
Página 41 - A TREATISE on THE DECORATIVE PART of CIVIL ARCHITECTURE. By Sir WILLIAM CHAMBERS, FRS With Illustrations, Notes, and an Examination of Grecian Architecture. By JOSEPH GWILT, FSA Revised and edited by W. H.

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