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of a league and a half; a disposition abso- 1 true head of a party, which acquired bin Jotely bad. The Arragonese were on the the name of general, was the first to take right, the troops of Valencia and New flight., - This is not the first time he l123 Castilc in the centre, and the three divisions I acted in that manner; he was done the same of Andalusia, which general Casianos coni. | on all occasions. This army of 45,000 has manded more especially, formed the left. | been thus beaten and defeated, withoill our Forty pieces of cannon covered the enemy's having had more than 2000 men engaged. line. -At nine in the morning the columns --The ballle of Burgos had struck the centre of the French army, began to deploy, of the enemy, and the battle of Espinosa with that order, that regularity and cool- | the right, the battle of Tudela has struck the ness, which characterise veteran troops : left; victory has thus siruck, as with a thivo. situations were chosen tor establishing bat- derbolt, and dispersed the whole league of scries with sixty pieces of cannon, but the the enemy.inipetuosity of the troops, and the inquie. Twelfth Bulletin of the French Army of tude of the enemy, did not allow time for

Spain, daled Aranda, Nov, 28. this. The Spaniards were already vanquish. At the battle of Tudela, the general of ed by the order and movements of the division, Lagrange, charged with the allack French army. The duke of Montebello of Cascante, orderei his division to march caused the centre to be pierced by the by echellon, and put himself at the head of division of general Mau:ice Natthieu ; | the firs! division, composed of the 25th the general of division Lefebvre, with his regiment of light infantry, which fell upon cavalry, immediately passed on the trot the enemy with such impetuosity, that 200 ibrough this opening, and enveloped, by a Spaniards were killed in the first charge of quarter wheel to the left, the whole right the bayonct. The other echellons could not of the enemy. The moment when half of come up. This singular intrepidity spread the enemy's line found itself thus turned consternation and disorder ainong the troops and defeated, was that in which general of Castanos. It was at this moment that Lagrange attacked the village of Cascante, i general Lagrange, who was at the head of wliere the line of Castanos was placed, the first echellon, received a ball, which which did not exhibit a better countenance wounded him dangerously.--On the 20:b, than the right, but abandoned the field of the duke of Elchingen advanced by Tarracona battle, leaving behind it its artillery, and to Borja. The enemy destroyed sixty tom. a great number of prisoners. The cavalry brils which they had at Tarracona.-General pursued the remains of the eneniy's army Maurice Matthieu arrived, on the 25th, 10 Mallali, in the direciion of Saragossa, | at Borja, pursuing the enemy, and every and to Tarracona, in the direction of Agreda. moment taking fresh prisoners, the number Seven standards, thirty pieces of cannon, of which already amounts to 5,000, they with all their furniture, 12 colonels, 300 are all troops of the line. No quarter was officers, and 3,000 men, have been taken ; | given to any of the peasants who were found 4,000 Spaniards have been left dead on the in arms. We took 37 pieces of cannot field of battle, or have been driven into the | Disorder and delirium bave seized upon their Ebro. Our loss bas been trifling, we have leaders. Their first proceeding was a violent had comen killed and 400 wounded; among , manifesto, in which they declared war ag the latter is the general of division Lagrange, France. They imputed to her all the disorwho has received a bullet in the arm. -Our ders of their court, the degeneracy of the troops found at Tudela a number of maga race which reigned, and the baseness of the pines.-The marshal duke of Cornegliano great, who, for many years, have prostrated has begun his march upon Saragossa. themselves in the most abject manner at tbe While a part of the fugitives retired to this feet of the idol which they load with all place, the left, which had been cut off, their rage, now he is fallen. They have iled in disorder to Tarracona and Agreda. | very false ideas in Germany, Italy, and The duke of Elchingen, who was on the France, of Spanish monks, if they compare 22d at Soria, ought to have been on the 23d them to those vbich exist in these countries at Agreda, not a man would have escaped We find among the Benedictines, the Bet but this corps being too much fatigued, re. nardins, &c. in France and Italy, a crowd roained at Soria the 230 and 2.11b. He of men remarkable in sciences and literature; arrived at Agreda on the 25th, still sufficiently they distinguisha themselves by their accain time to seize a great number of maça. tion, and by the honourable and useful class zines.--One named Palafox, formerly a garde | to which they belong. The Spanish mooks, du corps, a man without talents, and without on the contrary, are drawn from the dregs

mirage, a kind of insignificant monk, tlie of the people; they are ignorant and drun,

ken, and can only be compared to people | Major Srzur, marshal of the emperor's employed in slaughter-houses. They are household, charged among the Polish troops, illiterate, and have the very manner and and received many wounds, one of which is appearance of it-it is only over the lowest | very severe.--Sixteen pieces of cannon, 10 classes that they have any influence. A flags, 20 covered chests, 200 waggons, laden citizen would think bi nself dishonoured in with all kinds of baggage, and the military admitting a munk to his alle. A. 10 the chests of the regiments, are the fruits of unfortunate Spanish peasants, we can only this brilliant affair. Among the prisoners, compare them to the Fellahs ot Egypt; they | which are very numerous, are all the colonels have no properry-every thing belongo to and lieutenant-colonels of the corps of the the monks, or to some powerinl house. Spanish division. All the soldiers would The liberty to keep an inn is a feudal right; I have been taken, if they had not thrown yet in a country so ogred by nature, we l away their arms, and dispersed in the moun. find neither posts vor inos The taxes even | rains. On the rst of Dec. the head-quarters are alienated, and beiong to the lords. The of the emperor were at Saint Augustin, and great have vercnered to such a degree, on the 2d, the duke of Istria, with the that they are without energy, without merit, cavalry, commanded the heights of Madrid. and even without influe ce. We every day -The infantry could not arrive before the tind at Valladol, and beyond it, consider- 3d-The intelligence which we hitherto bave able magazines of arms. The English received leads us to think that this town is faithfully execute' tha: part of their engage. | suffering under all kinds of disorders, and ment; they provid d muskets, poniards, and that the doors are barricadoed. The wealibels; these they have sent in profusion : | ther is very fine. their inventive spirit has been sigo alised, and they have carried to a great leng b the art of SPANISH REVOLUTION.-(Continued from spreading libels, as ot laie they have dis p.791). Address of the Supreme Junta of tinguished themselv-s by thei: Sire-rockets. Seville to the Spanish People. Dated from All the evils, ali the scourges which can the Royal Palace of Seville, September 17, afflict mankind, come from London.

1808. Thirteenth Bulletin of the French Army of This Supreme Junta, from the first an. Spain, dated St. Martin's, near Madrid, pointment guided only by its loyalty and pa. Dec. 2.

triotism, has seen with no less admiration On the 29th ult, the head-quarters of the than pleasure the exertions of the other parts emperor were removed to the village of of the kingdom, and that surmounting difBouzealas; on the 30ih, at break of day, ficulties almost insuperable, all have vied the doke of Belluno presented himself at ! with each other in manifesting, that their the foot of the Somo Sierra ; a division of conduct and operations were actuate by the 13,000 men of the Spanish army of reserve same sentiments, and directed to the same defended the passage of the mountains. objects. Far from conceiving, cven for an The enemy thought theinselves unattackable | instant, that it has exceeded any of thein in in that position. They had entrenched the those points, which, notwithstanding its parrow passage, called Puerto, with sixteen scanty means and supplies, it bas been able pieces of cagnon. The 9h light infantry to realize by its zeal and sacrifices, it ardent, marched upon the right; the (61b upon the ly felicitates itself upon witnessing that causeway; and the 241h followed by the union of dispositions and exertions, which side of the heights on the left. General | might disconcert the bold and wicked plans Senàrmont, with six pieces of artillery, of the common oppressor, as soon as the advanced by the causeway. The action respective circumstances of the several procommenced by the firing of musquetry and viuves shall permit the whole of their united cannon.-A charge made by the general force to be directed to the single object of Montbrun, at the head of the Polish light / expelling our ferocious enemy from our terhorse, decided the affair, it was a most ritory. Never did so silly and chimerical an brilliant one, and the regiment covered itself idea enter into the calculations of this Suwith glory, and proved it was worthy to form preme Junta, as that, notwithstanding the a part of the imperial giards; cannons, loss of the other provinces of the kingdom, flags, musquets, soldiers, all were taken or one particular province might be able to cut to pieces. Eight Polish light horse were rescue itself from the yoke of a powerful, killed upon the cannon, and sixteen have vindictive, and obstinale enenjy: buc been wounded. Among the last is captain though to superficial minds this project Dzievaneski who was dangerously wowded, might not appear an absolute inipossibility, and lies almost without hopes of recovery. its attachment to its king and country, and its anxiety to preserve the integrity of the l'excellency.'-- Although such have been, monarchy, would bare compelled it to iden. | and are the genuine views and wishes of this tify itself, with the hard fite under which suprenie junta, joined to that of the speedy our fellow-countrymen in the other provin- | convocation of the Central Janta ; and alces are suffering, and to afford them those though it has not oniited, nor will omit, succours which they so justly solicit, and any means of accomplishing them, as the which is demanded by their distresses, and general defence of the kingdom imperiously the necessity of our united exertions for the dictates, malevolence has nevertheless aisalvation of the country, the only wish of tempted to confound the impossibility of all good and loyal Spaniards.--Notwithstand more promptly realizing their desires, with ing these were, and are the principal objects the nature of those desires themselves. But attended to by the Junta, whilst it did not at with what acute pain has this supreme junta the same time lose sight of the points by | learnt, both from verbal and written conwhich the ene.ny might menaceus, or at- | munications, the prevalence of a malicious tack us with the intention of making a coo- report, that its members had assigned 10 bined diversion, or to try the effect of a bold themselves, and are now enjoying large movement, there have not been wanting salaries ! Calumny could not have been ignorant or disaffected persous, who have carried to a greater pitch. Far from any of imputed to it the intention of retaining in the members having any appointment, or Andalusia that army which had so glorious- receiving a single njararedi, it will be seen, ly effected the destruction of Dupont, when the list of donations is publisbed, that whereas ali its efforts were directed towards they have contributed, as well as the rest, acthe object of expelling our enemies from the | cording to their respective means, in supplyCastiles, in combination with the disposable | ing funds for the glorious defence of our be. forces of the other provinces, afier concert. loved king Ferdinand VII. our liberty, and ing such a system of combined movements our most sacred rights. Indefatigable in as should ensure a happy issue to our opera. the important duties of this great andertions. With this view, the Supreme Junta, 1 taking, the junta bave devoted every day, on the 8th of September, among other par- , since their first meeting, to public business ticulars, wrote to the general in chief as fol- | exclusively, to the neglect and contempt lows.' This Supreme Junta has long since of their private affairs, abandoning their manifested the high conhdence which it homes and interests, and having incessantly reposes in your excellency. You will there- two of their body on duty during ihe night, fore act as prudence directs, making such to attend to any emergency which might movements and marches with the army as occur in the critical circumstances wherein

you shall judge expedient for delivering we were placed. --Such is a brief sketch of • Spain from the French ; and making it the conduct of this supreme juuta. It will • known to all, that our firm resolution is to more fully explain it, in a manifesto which

employ all our forces in defence of the shall contain a true and more particular ac

country.--Repeated orders have been is- count of all its proceedings. In the mean. ' sued to the newly-raised troops to march time, it hastens to submit to the public this

for Castile, and place themselves at the short and frank statement, in order to give o disposal of your excellency. They will, a check to malignity, and to remove those

be furnished with clothing ; and we will | sinister impressions which malice, false. • also make every exertion to forward some hood, and ignorance, are making every ' for the divisions under your command, effort to propagate. This supreme juta • whose naked condition we deeply regret, has not kuown), nor will it know, any • though hitherto unable to reniedy it, not. | otlier principles than those of constantly ap. " withstanding the clothes now making old proving and supporting the truly patriotic

ready aniount to eleven million of reals. views and efforts of all the provinces, in " We shall also cause the 10,000 flasks, or ' defence of the most just cause of any re.

canteens, presented to us by the English, corded in the history of the world-be ' to be forwarded with all expedition to united exertion of all our energies to expel. · Madrid. Having just learnt the arrival the satellites of despotism from every part ' at Cadiz of several English transports, of the kingdom--the integrity of the mo

with about 50,000 muskcts, and other narchy, and a complete concert in all our ' military implements, we instantly re- plans and operations, in order to plant upon • solved to send your excellency 10,000 of the Pyrennees the triumphant standards of

then, to be disposed of as may be our king, as harbingers of the deliverance

thought necessary, leaving the distribu- of Europe, forerunners of the destruction ition of them to the determination of your of the tyrant who errleavours to subjugate

it, and monuments of the inmortal glory and villages in the kingdom, that to all ma of the Spanish nation.-JUAN BAUTISTA be known the just reward of the valour ESTELLER, Chief Secretary.

fidelity, and constancy of this capital, which lanifesto to the Inhabilunts of Sarragossa. has given me the most heartfelt pleasure.

Dated lead Quarters, Sarragossa, Sept. Joseph PALAFOX Y Melzi. 20, 1803.

Proclamation by Brigadier-General Count The heroic defence of Sarragossa, which de San Roman, Colonel of the Regiment has been made by the magnanimous inbabi of Infantry of the Princess, and Pretants of that city, and its vicinity, is the visional Commander-in-Chief of the Din object of adıniration to all parties, and will vision of the North, lately arrived in be so to future ages. The constancy, in Spain ; audressed to the Troops who come flexibility, and calmness, with which they pose it, orawn up in Line, in Celebraresisted the incessant assault of an enemy, tion of the Birth-Day of our august who every day attacked, and she every day and beloved Sovereign, Ferdinand VII. was conquered, shew ibat their bearts are the 14th of October, 1808. animated by the most noble sentiments, and Soldiers, -The general in chief, marevince, that those virtues which best secure quis de la Romana, on his departure from the independence of a people, are not lost | Gottenburgh, committed to me the honourto Spain, and at the same time teach us able charge of commanding you; and as he what may be doce by a people resolved to has not yet been able to rejoin us, I think be free; of their resolution and valour, I it right not to delay any longer stating to you, have been a constant witness, and have ever what, I am convinced, he would have done seen them as great in their resolves, as noble | under the present circumstances -Absent in their deeds ; the happiest of my days will from your country upwards of 700 leagues, be that in which I shall inform our beloved and kept in complete ignorance of its fate, king, Ferdinand the VII., what they deserve your loyalty was tried by seduction, and exfor their fideliiy, their valour, their loyalty, posed to acts the most arbitrary, oppressive, and the ardent affection with which they and unjust; but faithful to your banners and adore him : but till that day arrives, what your lawful sovereign, you knew how to re they have done shall not remain without a sist then with unsbaken firmness, and to distinguished mork to perpetuateits memory: live and die, united with your country, was therefore, reserving to myself to distribute | the sole wish you unanimously entertained particular rewards to such individuals as and expressed.-- Under these circuinstances, may have merited them by eminent services, through the interposition of Divine Provi. as soon as I shall have received accounts dence, direct intelligence reached us of the sufficiently accurate to enable me to make a situation ofour country, and of her anxious de. just distribution, I have resolved to grant | sire to obtain our assistance. You immedia as I do grant, in the name of our august lately united all to afford her your aid; but sovereign, Ferdipard VII, to all the inbabil. obsiacles, alınost insurmountable, obstrucia ants of the vicinity of this city and its ed the attainment of that end. Nothing. districts, that they now and here after shall | however, was capable to make you shrink frcm always enjoy the privilege never to be ad your firm resolve, Great were the privation , judged by any tribunal in any case, except fatigues, and incessant dangers, wiih which for treason or blaspheny, to any disgraceful you had to struggle, in order to attain your punishment; which privilege shall be purpose, but you bore up under thein al perpetual, invariable, and peculiar, to all with that heroic perseverance and kind if the citizens of whatever class, sex, age, and satisfaction, which the most exalted patriot. condition, they may be without any person ism alone can inspire.--- Divine Providence offering to contradict or act contrary could not but favour a cause so just; and to its tenor ; but, on the contrary, all guided by that Providence, we succeeded, shall be careful ponctually to ful6l and under the powerful and energetic protection execute it ; for which end an edict shall be of a great and generous nation, now our ir passed, authorised by the royal audience, I timate ally, to surmount all obstacles, and and transmitted to the ball of justice, and I tread again our auxiously desired native soil. magistracy of the city. And that it may | When you set foot on it, you all expressed • be known ynto all, it shall be published on the most lively emotion of heartfelt joy ; tbe vigil of the city's most sacred protector, and corresponding deciouytrations of your our Lady of Pilar, by proclamation, with countrymen, convinced you of their joyful trumpets, &c. in the accustomed form, and feelings on the bappy occasion. A truly shall be fixed up in the public places, and memorable day, warranted by the public circulated besides in all the cities, towns, l expression of sentiments worthy of true Spanish patriotism, the memory of i Spaniards !--The Central Junta of Governwhich will, no doubt, be handed down ment of the kingdom, after having taken to the latest posterity with the glorious | all measures in its power to defeat the enehistory of its name. -- We have already my, who, continuing his attacks, has adjoined in bis temples to offer up thanks. vanced into the neighbourhood of Samogivings to the Most High, who vouch safed zierra, addresses you, for the purpose of to dispose this, and to implore with fervent putting you upon your guard against the isprayers the continuance of his support.-- trigues with which the perfidious agents of * Now we are under arms, enjoying the bliss. | Napoleon endeavour to alarm and deceive ful destiny of celebrating in our native land l you, by increasing the number of the enemy's the birth day of our sovereign Ferdinand I troons, who hardly amount to eight thouVII to restore him to his thione, and to 1 sand men, according to the reports made by rciga full of splendour, prosperity, and glo- the Generals whom the Junta has charged ry. Your anxious desire to march for that with the defence of the important pest of purpose, and to share in the laurels of our Guadarrama.--Inhabitants of Madrid !--The gallant companions in arms, who have cool country stands in need of your exertions ; vered themselves with glory, shall soon be vour circumspection, and patriotism, are fulfilled.---Bat, soldiers, in order to secure | the bulwarks on which it chiefly rests its dethe attainment of your wish, you should fence. The Junta trusts tliat you will know constantly bear in mind, that order and dis- how to support the dispositions of your cipline must be scrapulously observed, and Captain-General, and of the tribunal of viunremitting rigilance displayed in the ser- gilancé, in order to discover and deliver to vice. The least fault or omission on this the inexorable arm of the law, all traitors, head would no longer prove injurious to who will now exert themselves more than those unfortunate people with whom you ever to introduce disorder, and paralyse the formeryl acted, and who still groan under activity with which you must be present at the heavy oppression of the perfidious enemy | all parts, which will be pointed out to you; wbo endeavoured to impose his iron yoke bearing in mind the 2d day of May, when, also on our country, but hurts and distresses deprived of all assistance, and even of the your worthy coontrymen, your brethren, liberty to defend yourselves, you struck the in fine, those who so generously step for. | whole nation with astonishment by your lor. ward to share our fatigues and alleviate alty and valour.---The Central Junta feels them. Every offender shall therefore be at a loss to express to you the contidende promptly punished with the utinost severity, which the enthusiasm, with which the sale and deserves, besides, to be turned out of diers of the nation prepare themselves to your ranks; as unworthy of the Spanish | beat the enemies of our beloved Sovereign pame, because he could render himself Ferdinand VII, of our country, and curre. guilty of misconduct in circumstances so ligion, inspires them ; our allies, the Eng. interesting and important: -Bat I feel per-| lish, convinced of the justice of the cane fectly satisfied that a case so disgraceful will we defend, and, animated by the same en never happen; my conviction on this head, thusiasm, are invited, and ready to march arises from your good conduct and ferveut to Escurial, where they are at present to repatriotist, Fhave merely to add, that when inforce the position chosen by our wise Go. the day so much desired shall come, to front neral, and support the operation of our van, our enemy, you shall always find me by which must already have commenced to enyour side, I will share all your dangers, gage the slaves of the tyrant who oppresses and, jointly with the gallant and distin all nations. Spaniards ! cowardice, inspe guished, othicers by whom you are com- red by treason, will, no doubt, try means man led, we will shew the world, that if a to angment the dangers, exaggerated by the glorious death, in the field of honour, be ill-disposed, in order to frustrate the meaat all times the darling object of the wishes / sures pursued by the Junta, which places of Spanish soldiers, how much more so implicit confidence in your unexampled fide must it be for those who are fighting for a lity and obedience.-Royal Palace of Arancause the most just and most sacred ; a causa juez, Nov. 21, 1808. By order of the in which the defence of our holy religion, Supreme Junta.-MARTIN DE GARAY. and of our beloved lawful sovereign, Ferdinand VII, and the dignity and independence | AMERICA.Message of the President of the of our native land, are equally concerned ! | United States to the Senate and House of -COUNT DE SAN Roman.'

Representatives. November 8, 1808 Address of the Central Junta to the Spanish It would have been a source, fellow-citi

Nation. Dated Nov. 21, 1808. zcus of much gratification, if our last con

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