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nience, but promises lasting good, by pro- | ved us of our lawful sorereign, whom the moting among ourselves, the establishment band of the Omnipotent has preserved from of manufactures hitherto sought abroad, at the wicked one, who persecuted him, the risk of collisions no longer regulated by opened the way to the most disastrous events, laws of reason or morality.-- It is to be la- / which, after having overrun the contivent Inented that any of our citizens, not think- | with misery, desolation, and death, were ing with the mass of the nation as to the about to etiect the complete destruction of principles of our government, or of its ad- ! our happy peninsula, perfidy, simulation, ministration, and seeing all its proceedings | and a combination of all artifices being the with a prejudiced eye, should so miscon- forerunner of this oppression and tyrannyceive and misrepresent our situation as to violence and the most daring ambition, its encourage aggression froin foreign nations. followers of that monstrous man, the proOur expectation is, that their disiempered duce of the cruel revolutions, which, for views will be understood by others, as they these ninetcen years, has upset so many are by ourselves. But should war be the thrones, and ruined so many people ; who consequence of these delusions, and the bas made a traffic in kingdoms and in men; errors of our dissatisfied citizens find atones who has put on the mask of religion the ment only in the blood of their sounder more impudenty to profane it; who has brethren, we must meet it as an evil neces. | displayed to advantage all sorts of crimes, sarily flowing from that liberty of speaking without being impeded by the least glinipse and writing whicla guards our other liberties; of morality, or kept back by reinore; ibat and I have entire contidence in the assurances celebrated Napoleon, ubom vile flattery that your ardour will be animated, in the and its followers, or, with more propriety conficts brought on, by considerations of whom the fear of his tyrannies, has raised the necessity, honour, and justice of our to the most elevated upuerited titles; after cause.--I sincerely thank you, fellow-cili. having announced by his representative Junot zens, for the concern you so kindly express to our desolate nation, that he would profor my future happiness. It is a high and tect us, dured to conceive in his illusive abundant reward for endeavours to be use ideas, and to utter without a blush " that ful; and I supplicate the care of providence | th house of Braganza had ceased 10 reign in over the well being of yourselves and our Portugal." Uothinking mau! What right, beloved country.

what convention au: horizes this iniquity

and usurpation? Who constituted Napoleon PORTUGAL.- Account of recent Transactions, the universal iutor of kings and of natious?

published at Oporto, 6th July, 1808, ly Who devolved on him the succession of authority of the partizans of the Prince thrones wrested by his (yranny from their Hegent, now calling themselves the Go. legitimate possessors? Who entrusted him vernment.

wjih that extraordinary and famous protece The most important occurrence that could tion which authorises the spoliation of elevate the nation to glory and dignity was private property, and the trampling under reserved for our days, which will serve to foot of all nights and privileges, ihat destroys transinit io posterity the illustrious name of and confounds all order. The mose nanithe heroie Portugiese, and to note in the fest batred arose in the hearts of the nation, records of this tine and opulent city, the iin on its observing the accumulation of injustice mortal epoch of its restoration, and that she and barbarity, with the quest scandalous ingave the aların to the wbole kingdom.---The decency ; then began the vision of protecmost cordial love to the best of princes, siis tion to dissolve : torty millions of crusaders mulated all hearts in Portugal, to oppose were levied on this unhappy country as an the most unjust and most scandalous usur- extiaordinary contribution of war, a country pation. The most unlimited oppressions, the which ihe absence of Its beloved prince, violation of all rights, and the absolute disres the invasion by numerous troops, the total spect of the most sacred duties, armed every siaguation of commerce, and the discchie inhabitant to shake off the tyrannic yoke ragement of industry and arts, had reduced that oppressed them. But the dispenser of to the greatest distress: but shis is not all, empires had reserved to this city the pre- | those 40,000,000 v'ere for the redemption rogative of leading the way, and stimulating ! of all private property; how bad this been by its example every body to emancipate forfeited ? Was it by our unbonnded patience this kingdom -For ibis purpose he raised in suffering their extortions? by the docility amongst us persons of genius, resolution, | with which their bard and oppressive yoke and vigour, capable of atchieving so illus. was borne? by the meekuess with which we trious a purpose. The fatal day that depri- | received car iyrants. Posterity will hardly

believe their impudence and immorality , and the fear of others, and the more necescould ever reach such a length -- The pro- sity there was for delay, the more the project mised protection went on in this way. The was menaced with ruin. The signal for the patrimony of the temples, the ornaments of acclamation was given and for arming ; the the sanctuary, the inheritance of its sacred orders were issued and executed with equal ministers, were all insufficient for the ardour in a moment; 30 artillerymen, with insatiable thirst of the oppressor of the con- four field-pieces, which covered the van and tinent. The national dignity disappeared rear of two bodies, of 10 men each, all that all public employments were given to theless remained, prevented all opposition. The informed and ihe less wor.hy, who, dis- | arsenals were opened, and the people took countenanced in their own country, shewed arms. Some corps of the militia were for a amongst us a matchless effrontery, and who while irresolute, owing to the unexpected appeared to be influenced by the most inso- circumstances which had taken place, but lagt pride and the most sordid avarice. Our these were soon determined; the royal mits prevent us from tracing the picture of standard was displayed, and the august nanie the odious person styled the deputy of police of his royal highness sounded from all quarla this city, it is more faithfully engraved in ters. All the otlicers whom they met joined the indignation and remembrance of every them, and took the oath of honour, which De bere. The moment of liberty was how. l'excited enthusiasm and affection : the posts Cier approaching; our valourous neighbours were distributed, and every one was at work; the poble Spaniards, at length opened their the Major Raymundo José Pinheiro, comeres. The perfidious manner in which the mander of the fort of St. Joan de Foz at reigning family of Spain were betrayed, the mouth of the river, known for his fidelity, Toused the vengeance of that nation ; and as energy, and love for our prince, concerted soon as we were able, we have shewn that the most able dispositions for defence, and we still are what we have been, and what for directing the people. The enthusiasm cur forefathers have been before us, the and energy cannot be described; upwards of Dost faithiul and the most loyal to our prisice 50,000 persons were provided with a ms and and the most capable of restoring his wished ammunition; and from that night the city was fer empire and our liberty.-At length the in a state of defence, and wanted the enemy trening of the sth day of June, 1808, | with impatience, but he fled.- On the morTiered ihe most brilliant and pleasing scene ning of the 19th, the protection of the Alo the generous Portuguese. These faithful mighty being implored, and prayers of ed valourous men, who were strangers to thanksgiving having been offered up with as far, despised ail dangers, and actuated by | much piety as fervour, in the cathedral of that energy and faithful character that | this city, a provisional government was elecdistinguish our nation, erected the standard ted, composed of the most excellent and * di restoration, and in the name of their re. reverend Don Antonio, of St. Joseph and ligion, and in obedience to their sacred ! Castro, bishop of the diocese, president, caths, proclaimed anew the most exalted and eight members of the different classes, and powerful prince the lord don John, viz. of ecclesiastics, Doctor Dezembargra. prince regent of Portugal, our lawful sove. dor; provizor of the bishoprick, Manuel reign. In this moment of glory, however, | Lopes Loureiro ; and the Doctor Dezembar. se were surrounded by dangers : a column grador, vicar general; José Dias de Oliveira, of the French army was marching to this | of the military ; major Ant. de Silva Pinto; city; without arms, without troops of the į and the captain commanding the artillery if line, and only with two hundred artillery- | the body of magestrature of the relacam, men and some militia, we were in extreme the dezembargrador José de Mello Freire ; danger ; but we had valour and genius judge for the crown and the dezemequal to our situation. Those who endea- | bargrador of Agravos, Luis de Sequeiro toured to liberate their country, have their de Game Ayala ; of the body of the Ellor'um in their own conduct.- Cannon citizens, Antonio Mathew's Friere de and ammunition had been previously obtain | Andrade, and Antonio Ribeiro Braga ; in ed, the necessary dispositions had been this junta the supreme authority is vested, nade for the defence of the bridge, until his royal highness shall order to the and the passage of the river Douro: contrary, or the lawful government shall be all the points of defence had been restored in the capital; it is its duty to mainfaconnoitred, as also all the entrances tain the laws, usages, customs, and privito the city. The execution of a plan was in leges of the nation, as far as they are concontemplation among the Portuguese, and sistent with the present circumstancesand deDey had to conquer the illusions of some, fence of the coustry. The most profound me

ditation could not produce a more judiciou's therefore necessary that the characteristic election, wisdom, dexterity, wnergy, disin- | marks of these two enterprises should be terestedness; the most marked fidelity and kept as distinct as their ends are oppositemost acknowledged patriotism, are the that as crimes rendered the French revolution distinguisbing qualities that compose the abominable, so virtues shall signalize our character of the most excellent and reverend restoration. That we may breathe nothing president, and the respective members of else but the love of our sovereign and our the supreme council. The most efficient country, taking care rot to pollute the glo. measures have been taken for the uninter rious end we propose to ourselves, that af rupted security within, and defence without. calling back to us our august sovereign.-O The love of our sovereign and country is ex the 13th day of June last, the most excellen pressed by every tongue. The general. Bernardino Freire de Andrade arrived in thai emotion amongst the inhabitants, the con city, who had been nominated governor o tinual chioring of the bells, and a splendid ! the arms and of its district by the prind illumination in every quarter of the city | regent, and who had suspended this emplos for three nights, all announced the satis- ; nient in consequence of the absence of og faction with which every heart overflowed. sovereign. He comes forth, however, a Contributions have been voluntarily offered isoon as his royal government is restored, an

valiant young men flock to the royal the defence of the state gives him an oppor standard from all parts-he secular and re- tunity of displaying his fidelity, and < gular clergy present a fresh and glorious tes- augmenting the glory of the royal service. timony of their religious and social virtues; 1 PORTUGAL.-Lonion, 220 July, 1SOS they form the corps for the defence of the Ertract of two Leliers received by la state, and the guard of the city is under the Ercellency the Portuguese Minister, froi command of the illustrious dean. The best Mr. Patrick Farral, ihe Portuguese Ayen order and harmony prevails amongst the at Gibraltar, June 30. inhabitants of every description, energy and I hare the honour to inform your exceller valour increase every instant; these virtues cy, that on thie Joth of this month the who 'must have their effect on the conimon enemy; kingdom of Algarva rose agaust the Frenc

be well knows that general Loyson, after proclaiming his royal highness the princ *crossing the Douro, has been chased by the regent, our master, for their only true an people of Guimaraens, Braga, and Tras os legitimate sovereign : the French governo Montes, that he flies with precipitation, but and all those of that nation, holding publi cannot avoid the valorous Traps Montanos, i situations under him, were made prisoneri who still follow him, making great havock Many of the French were killed; the re in his disbanded division, killing his superior i throwing down their arms, sought the ofñcers, and taking from him important safety in a shameful flight. A supreme juni spoils. We shall give a more circumstantial į is already established in Faro, the capital o account of these successes ; they strengthen that kingdom, in the name of his roys as in our confident hopes that the empire of higbness, which is composed of the followin Usurpation, perfidy, and seduction, will be persons :-- President-His Excellency tb annihilated, and that the better carise will Count of Castro Marim. Vice-Presiden have the better end, and that the restoration -Ilis Excellency the Bishop of ALGARVA of our amiable prince will crown our wishes For the Clergy-The Rev. the Arch Dea and bring back those days of felicity so i of the Ser, and Rev. ANTONIO LUIS DI violentlyinterrupted. -Great are the presages , MACEDO. For the Nobility-DEZEMBER of our prosperity, from the prompt re-esta-Gador José DUARTE DA SILVA NEGRAQ blishment of public order, ibe absence of José BERNARDO DE Gama, and JOAQUIN crimes, the inoderation and peace that pre- | FELIPE DE LANDRESETE. For the People vail among all. The government that MIGUEL de O. the younger, captain of the directs us spares no pains to complete our ordenancas, and Joao ALEIXO, Secretary happiness. A wise and vigilant magis. - Doctor VENTURA. trate presides in the police department, who The Junta is cccupied in preparing with punishes the wicked and protects the good the greatest activity the means of completing subjects of his royal bighoess. It becomes this heroic undertaking. An express has us to observe a correspouding demeanour, by just arived here from Tavira, from his Exe obeying, by confiding in our government, cellency the Count of Castro MARIM, reand by uniting amongst ourselves. Our ob questing arms, &c. from the Governor of jects are no less than the glorious re-establish- | this place, who sent what arms, powdery ment of our religion, and the restoration to and shot he could spare, having sent large the throne of our lawful sovereign.--It is quantities to Spain. Messengers have also

arrived here from Silves aud Faro, making | lars who were there, and a handful of the same request, but which could not be armed Portuguese, have beaten the French complied with, the governor not having any | by wbich they were garrisoned, and hoisted to spare. The Portuguese officers who were the Spanish flag in every one of them. here, waiting an opportunity to go to the | The loss of the enemy amounts to 91 prison. Brazils, have returned, full of joy, to joiners, and several killed --The whole of the their regiments in Algarva.

kingdom of Algarva is in a state of insur

rection ; Villa Real and Castromarin, as Spanish Revolution. (Continued from well as the batteries of Carnasquera and p. 159.) - Edict published in the Island | St. Anson have been taken possession of. of Majorca.

The rebel Mallet has been handcuffed, and Don Ferdinand VII. king of Spain and I let down into a dry well with twenty-six 3djacent islands, &c. and in his royal name other individuals : the remainder of the his excellency the Captain General of his French troops have fled to the mountains.“ army and kingdom, I make it known to Taviro, Faro, and Aillon, are up in arbus, the faithful and loyal inhabitants of this, and the military chests of the French have island, that last night I convened in my been seized: the Spanish troops above palace a meeting composed of all the con mentioned consisted of Catalonians, prostitored authorities, to lay before them the vincials, and a small nuniber of Murcians. course which ought to be pursued under —A Portuguese captain is come to inform the existing circunistances, in which both the board, that Algarva and the whole king, my loyalty and the unanimous wish of the dom wish to be under its prolection, in the people require that we should continue to l name of Ferdinand VII. acknowledge Ferdinand VII, as our lawful Manifesto of the Junin at Serille, June 14, sovereign ; in consequence whereof, it was

1808. unanimously agreed upon, that these islands The supreme council of government shall continue faithful to his majesty Ferdi- 1 gives notice to the inhabitants of this city, Band VII.; to which end, and that we and of all the districts under their commaud, may have the benefit of the tull exercise that by several deserters who bave arrived' of the rights of sovereignty in his pame, here from the French army, encainped in

as far as required, a board was appointed, the environs of Cordova, intelligence has - which will begin this very evening to ex- been received, that there are a great many

eicise the same, and publish what may be ainong those troops who are desirous to deened conducive to the prosperity of this corne over to us, moved by the justice of island. A Te Deum shall be sung, and our cause, but that they dare not do it from then shall be a levee, royal salute, and illu- | fear of bing murdered in our roads and Dination.-Don JUAN NIGUEL DE VIVES. I places, on account of the hatred, whicli, of command of his excellency, and as they suppose, is universally entertained fecretary authorised by the board.-BAR. against the French, and also against the POLOME Josias. Royal Castle of Palma, | Swiss, and other foreigners, who do not Van 30, 1808.

distinctly speak our language. The great The supreme board bas sent me the fol- | mischief occasioned by rumours of this owing letter : - Most Serena Sir,-Don description ought the more to be obviated," Dionisis Capaz, meinber of this board, and as if we succeed to refute them, we shall b ensign in the navy, accompanied by the noi only increase our own forces, but also Portuguese captain Don Sebastian Martinez, diminish those of the enemy, and compel

going in the name of this board to inform them to surrender, as we shall then be our most serene liighness of the occurren- thoroughly informed of the state, situation, les which have lately taken place, and as and position which they take, and then be bey are thought important, it has been able to attack them wiib advantage, and fermed requisite that he should give you a out off their retreat. The supreme council lerbal account of the same, that you may accordingly ordains and direcis, that the ake the resolutions, and send us the as- said deserters shall be received with the istance which we stand in need of.---May almost kindness, and furnished with pround, &c. &c. The Marquis De CAISIR. visions and other necessaries which they may Ayamonte, June 20, 1808.

stand in need of, directing them to be sent The purport of this verbal information to the justices of the respective districts, Sitrat the French have been drive froin | aud of our nearest military commanders, the forts on the right banks of the Gua- who will send them to this supreme council, diana, opposite to Ayanionte. The inba | or to the captain general of our army, Olasits of the left, assisted by a few regu- should he be nearer, who will, in that case,

give them such destination as shall appear y my against whom we fight is rash, and will most expedient; it being well urderstood, afford frequent opportunities for you to exerthat if from an indiscreet zeal, or other | cise your skill and your couragc. If, espe. motive, this useful ordinance should not be cially, the lawless bands which violate our complied with, the offenders shall be city of Madrid, and their commander Nupunished with the utmost severity, as all rat, should venture to approach us, we the people ought implicitly to rely on the should receive the intelligence with the highvigilance of this supreme council, and on est satisfaction ; we would anticipate their their great and gallant army. The supreme expectations, and meet them half way.council further directs, that all Frenchmen, Aragonesel if the battle of Saragossa had who reside ainong us, after they sball have been gained by these intruders, we should taken the oath of allegiance, and obtained have heard their babbling of the victories of letters of safeguird, shall not be any ways Marengo, Austerlitz, and Jena, acquired molested, but shall, on the contrary, be by the same valour. Although the conquest left in tranquil possession of their property, we have effected has been sanguinary, yet commerce, and trade, a proceeding dictated it has been glorious. Do you consider it as both by equily and justice, and by a proper a trifling commencement of your future attention in the public cause; the justices | triumphs, under the powerful assistance of of ile different districts being nevertheless your illustrious leader and patron ? obliged to watch their conduct And, in Proclamation of King Joseph Napo order that this manifesto may be universally

Bayonne, 2011 June, 1808. kuown, it shall be posted in the usual pla- | JOSEPH, KING OF NAPLES AND SICILY, ces, and transinitted to all the justices of TO THE PEOPLE OF THE KINGDOM or the different places, that they may be able NAPLES : to attend to the strict perfori:nce thereof. Providence, whose designs are inscruta-Given in our royal palace of Alvazas, 1 ble, having called us to the throne of Spain in Seville, -JUAN BAUTISTA PARDO, Sec. I and the lodies, we have found ourselves in General Palafor's Proclamation after the the cruel predicainent of wiihdrawing our

Battle of Saragossa, 17th June, 1808. selves from a people who had so many claims:

Conquerors of the haughty French!- to our attachment, and whose happiness was Aragonese !-You have proved yourselves to our mont gratifying hope, and the only ob. be worthy of your nanie. That multitude ject of our ambition. He who alone can of proud warriors, triumphant in every other read the hearts of men, can judge of the part of Europe, ceased to retain the charac. sinceriiy of our sentiments, in opposition to ter of conquerors when they came before which we have yielded to their impressions, you. You are inferior both in discipline and accepted a kingdom, the government and numbers; because one-twentieth part of which has been put into our hands, in of our forces have not entered into action, | virtue of the renunciation of the rights to having been incapable of uniting. But ! the crown of Spain, which our illustrious your zeal has overcome every difficulty. | brother, his majesty the emperor of the The musketry in which your enemies place French and king of Italy, had acquired. so much contidence, are weak instruments In this important situation, considering that of their power when you appear before institutions are alone capable of duration, them : you look at them with courage, and we reflected with regret, that your social conthey fall at your feet.-- Aragonese! the stitution was still imperfect, and thought result of our first attempt has been to leave that the further we had removed from you, on the field of battle 18,000 enemies, com- | so much the more incumbent upon us was posing a complete army, which had the au. 1 it to secure your present and future welfare dacity to provoke our resentment. We have by all the means in our power. For these had the good fortune to get possession of all reasons we have put the last hand to our the property and baggage, of which the labours, and fixed the constitutional statute people have been infamously plundered, in 1 upon principles already partially adopted, the countries through which this armıy pasó | and which are more conformable to the age sed. Our loss consists only from 1700 to 1 in which we live, the mutual relations of 2000 killed, and an equal number wounded : | the neighbouring states, and the disposition a loss bearing no comparison to the triumph of the nation, which we have employed we have obtained. Their precious blood is ourselves to ascertain ever since we were shed in the field of glory, on their own called to rule over it. The principal objects territory ; and these blessed martyrs demand | which guided us in our labours, were :--). new victims; let us prepare for the sacrifice | The preservation of our holy religion.-2. !

dragonese! be alvi impatient. The ene- \ The establishmerit of a public treasury, se

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