Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, Volúmenes 39-40

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Página xxviii - We select from their book the following premium, which has appeared for several successive sessions, and may be esteemed a fair specimen of the whole : — " No. 244. To the person who shall invent and produce to the Society, a machine for raising coals, ore, &c. from mines, superior to any hithero known, or in use, and which shall produce the effect at less expense — the Gold Medal, or Fifty Guineas.
Página xxx - Society, a cheap and portable Drag, or other machine, superior to those now in use, for the purpose of taking up, in the best and most expeditious manner, and with the least injury, the bodies of persons who have sunk under water; — the Gold Medal, or Thirty Guineas.
Página 85 - This sluice, when placed upon any river, canal, reservoir, or collection of water, prevents the water within the embankment from rising above the height we choose to assign to it; for whenever it rises to that height, the sluice opens and passes the extra water; and whenever that extra water is passed, it shuts again; so that whilst it saves the banks at all times from damage by overflow, it never wastes any water we wish to retain.
Página 86 - On this principle a self-acting dam may be raised in any river or stream, up to high-water-mark, by which means a considerable reservoir will be obtained ; whilst, 'during spates, the dam will fold down, and no new ground be flooded. In lawns or pleasure grounds, through which streams or rivulets flow, these sluices might be applied to advantage ; for by placing one on the bank...
Página 264 - Abstract of the Answers and Returns, made pursuant to an Act passed in the...
Página xiv - To the person who shall discover to the Society the cheapest and most effectual method of raising water in quantities sufficient to be beneficially employed for the purpose of irrigating land superior to, and cheaper than any other method now in use; — the Gold Medal, or Fifty Guineas. A model, on a scale of one inch to a foot, with...
Página xxxv - Who, in the year 1809, shall import into the port of London, from any part of the British settlements in the East Indies, the greatest quantity of true cochineal, not less than five hundred weight ; the gold medal.
Página 50 - ... last finish. The above is the process for the plain or white tablets. In making the tinted tablets, the following additional particulars are to be attended to:— The rags are cleansed, washed, and beaten into half stuff in the usual way; the water being drained off, the pulp is put into a vat with a solution in water, of acetate of alumine, or sulphate of iron, as a mordant or ground to fix the colour...
Página xiii - For disclosing to the Society an effectual method of purifying Whale or Seal Oil from the glutinous matter that incrusts the wicks of lamps, and extinguishes the light, though fully supplied with oil...
Página xvii - ... the Gold Medal, or Fifty Guineas. It is required that the whole of the process be fully and fairly disclosed, in order that satisfactory experiments may be made by the Society to determine the validity of the claim ; and...

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