Tackling massive and damaging migrations in the Mediterranean: An African-European joint task


African migration to Europe will have in 2050 enough strength to double its negative effects for both continents. In that year, UN forecasts Africa to lead global population growth, doubling its current inhabitants, from 1,200 million to 2,400 million people. Models predict that this spectacular upward trend will also continue in the second half of the 21st century. Massive and uncontrolled migratory phenomena damage both shores of the Mediterranean Sea and only mafias making business with human dreams and hopes get to benefit of it. That is the reason for the term ‘damaging’ in our title: in its present form, the tens of thousands of displacements (materialized in almost 140.000 illegal EU exterior border and Schengen area crossings according to Frontex) and the hundreds of deaths they sadly trigger (IOM) , are obviously not freely desired by anyone but for those who make profit of them.

What can we do, as civilizations, to order that disorder, to give hope and opportunities to our future? An interdisciplinary civil-military team was gathered by the four main official centres of military studies from SPA, FRA, ITA and POR to analyze the facts and produce solutions. A Brigadier General from the Italian Guardia di Finanza, a French Colonel, two Captains(N) from Spain and Italy, a Portuguese Lieutenant Colonel and two Spanish experts in security and geopolitics, try to give an answer to a problem that can compromise African-European future: How to cope with African migrations in the Mediterranean basin? Spoiler: an intercontinental joint venture may be the key


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