100 Meters: An EFL/ESL play about a girl who overcame disability, poverty and racism to become the fastest woman in the world

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100 Meters – A play for English learners about a girl who overcame disability, poverty and racism to become the fastest woman in the world.

This is the story of Wilma Rudolph, whom they called the “Black Gazelle”. At seven years old, she caught Polio and could no longer walk. But Wilma wanted to play basketball and that is what she did. She eventually became an athlete, winning three Olympic gold medals and breaking a world record at just 20 years old!

Written in clear US English at Level CEFR A2, 100 Meters is ideal for lower intermediate English learners and above. Perfect for TEFL classroom readings or student productions, the play emphasizes particular language features and grammar structures. A Teaching Pack is available to download, offering over 15 hours of classroom activities.

First written and premiered in 1992 for the occasion of the Barcelona Olympic Games, 100 Meters was performed over 200 times in Catalonia. Theatrical productions were also mounted in Argentina (1995) and the Canary Islands, Spain (2000) to great acclaim. Publication in 2022 now makes this play available to English language students and theatre-in-education companies worldwide.

This edition is adapted to US English. A UK edition is also available.


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Kevin Booth began writing professionally while working in the theatre, penning English language learning plays including 100 Meters. Nowadays he writes contemporary and LGBT-themed fiction, often about Barcelona and its history, such as his first novel, Celia’s Room. He also writes about the city’s art and architecture in the BCN Free Art guides. Writing as K. Eastkott he has created “Seeking the Jewel Fish”, an environmentally focussed ocean fantasy exploring non-Eurocentric worlds.

Also a keen visual artist, he combines writing with work as a translator and editor. Born in Aotearoa New Zealand, he has lived in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Madrid and London, though since 1988, Barcelona is the city he calls home.

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