Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices: Religions and denominations, Volumen 1

Thomson Gale, 2006 - 3 páginas
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Provides information on current religious practices around the world, with an emphasis on how religions impact the daily lives of their followers. Volume 1, Religions of the World, contains 20-to-25-page entries on 13 major religions, such as Christianity and Islam, and 3-to-5 page entries on 28 religious subgroups, such as Shi'ites or Baptists. Volumes 2 and 3 focus on the significant religions in 193 countries; entries range from 3-8 pages. The entries provide for easy access to information and encourage comparisons across different religions, religious groups, and countries. Standardized rubrics for entries include: founder, date of origin, major theologians and authors, history, leaders, number of followers, what is sacred, rituals, rites of passage, festivals and holidays, houses of worship and holy places, dietary practices, modes of dress, social aspects, cultural impact, political impact (in country entries), controversial issues, social justice, and degree of religious tolerance (in country entries).--From publisher description.

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