VRML: Exploring Virtual Worlds on the Internet

Prentice Hall PTR, 1997 - 481 páginas
A new development for Web sites will be 3D images. The creation of such images requires the use of VRML, virtual reality modelling language. This guide to VRML covers version 1.1 of the language and explains enhancements to appear in version 2.0. The book covers the installation and use of VRML browswers, key features of the language, and shows users how to build their own virtual world. It also compares and contrasts VRML to other multimedia Web technologies such as JAVA and Shockwave. The CD includes VRML browsers, VRML language specification, sample virtual worlds, and will work with Windows 95.

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Computer Graphics Visualization
Virtual Worlds and
The WorldView Toolbar in World View 0
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