The Woman and the Car: A Chatty Little Handbook for All Women who Motor Or who Want to Motor

John Lane, 1909 - 126 páginas
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Página 24 - If you are to drive alone, it is advisable to carry a small revolver. I have an automatic Colt and find it easy to handle as there is practically no recoil — a great consideration for a woman.
Página 41 - Fire in the heart of me, moving and chattering, Youth in each part of me, slender and strong, Death at the foot of me, rending and shattering, Light and tremendous I bear you along...
Página 84 - Twenty or thirty years ago, two of the essentials to a motorist — some acquaintance with mechanics and the ability to understand local topography — were supposed to be beyond the capacity of a woman's brain.
Página 84 - Hundreds of women have done and are doing so, and there is many a one whose keen eyes can detect, and whose deft fingers can remedy, a loose nut or a faulty electrical connection in half the time that the professional chauffeur would spend upon the work.
Página 24 - I am constantly asked by some astonished people, " Do you really understand all the horrid machinery of a motor, and could you mend it if it broke down ? " but it really is not a very difficult matter. The details of the engine may sound complicated and may look " horrid," but an engine is easily mastered.
Página 84 - America, where the fair sex is supposed to receive and to exercise its largest freedom — there is no country in the world in which woman may be seen at the helm of a motorcar so frequently as in England.

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