The Summa Perfectionis of Pseudo-Geber: A Critical Edition, Translation and Study

BRILL, 1991 - 785 páginas
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Alchemy was a subject of no small controversy in the Middle Ages. To some scholastics, alchemy seemed to arrogate the power of divinity itself in its claim that man could replicate the products of nature by means of art; others viewed alchemy as a pure technology, unworthy of inclusion in a curriculum devoted to the study of "scientiae," The "Summa perfectionis" of Pseudo-Geber, written around the end of the 13th century as a defense of the art, became 'the Bible of the medieval alchemists, 'and was still being used as late as the 17th century. The present work contains a critical edition, annotated translation, and commentary of the "Summa,"

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the Defense of Art
Introduction to the Geber Problem
The Mineral Science of Paul of Taranto
The Matter Theory of Geber
The Influence of the Summa perfectionis
The Alchemical Sources of Paul of Taranto
The Manuscript Tradition of the Summa perfectionis
Critical Latin Text of the Summa perfectionis
Annotated English Translation of
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William R. Newman, Ph.D. (1986) in the History of Science, Harvard University, is Head Tutor, Department of the History of Science, Harvard University. His publications include various articles in international journals on Pseudo-Geber, the "Summa Perfectionis" and on late medieval alchemy.