The Spanish Journal of Elizabeth: Lady Holland

Longmans, Green, 1910 - 437 páginas

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Página 441 - THE ROMAN EMPIRE : Essays on the Constitutional History from the Accession of Domitian (81 AD) to the retirement of Nicephorus III. (1081 AD).
Página 275 - ... infantry from Portugal, either by land or sea, as he may find most convenient, sending the two regiments of cavalry, under my brother, through the interior ; the rest of the cavalry will be sent from hence as speedily as circumstances will permit. ' It ,would have been more satisfactory, had our army been equipped for service, to have disembarked at St. Andero, or some other point nearer the Enemy ; but, as it is of equal importance to the Spaniards as it is to us, that this army should not be...
Página 275 - Spaniards as it is to us, that this army should not be partially committed or brought into contact with the Enemy, till the means of moving and following up an advantage are secured ; and as the navigation on the coast of...
Página 58 - Ba, ba,' all day long, has, by offending me so much, perhaps driven me to the opposite extreme, and made me prefer to the nature of a grass field and round clump the built gardens of two centuries back.
Página 441 - THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND Edited by the Rev. WILLIAM HUNT, D.Litt., and REGINALD LANE POOLE, MA, LL.D. (Editor of "The English Historical Review ") Complete in 12 volumes.
Página 407 - Mr. Consul and Friends, I am much obliged to you for the kind manner in which you drink my health. I share with you in all the pleasure and gratitude which Americans so far from home should feel on this anniversary. But I must dissent from one remark of our consul, to the effect that I saved the country during the recent war. If our country could be saved or ruined by the efforts...
Página 75 - Francisco,1 a pretty, lively boy, bearing a most indecent likeness to the P. of the Peace. She enumerated the children she had, and those she had lost, 22 !! 6 only remaining. ' My eldest son whom you are going to see you will find ugly, he is the counterpart of myself.
Página 58 - The gardens are preserved in the Moorish style ; one part is precisely as at the Conquest ; clipped hedges of myrtle and devices cut upon them. Another part was laid out by Don Pedro ; rows of myrtle warriors, giants with wooden heads and arms carrying in their hands swords, clubs, musical instruments, etc. Farther is the garden of Charles V, with a pavilion for refreshments, a delicious spot. The whole garden is full of jets d'eau, cascades, fountains, and water tricks and devices.
Página 113 - Escorial] and here [Madrid]; one for the voice and support of the Queen, the other to secure the silence and obedience of his first and legal wife, the Tudo, whom he both loves and fears. In spite of the pains we have taken to get at the truth of the nature of those jarring connections, it is yet as much of a riddle as when I first heard of them, nor do 1 believe anyone has the key to the enigma.
Página 376 - Spanish cause, flatter your misconceptions of the state of the country, and from the language of such people you form your judgment of the dispositions of the Spanish nation. 'Tis one not worth saving. Such ignorance, such deceit, such apathy, such pusillanimity, such cruelty, was never both united. There is not one army that has fought at all. There is not one general who has exerted himself, there is not one province that has made any sacrifice whatever. There is but one town in all Spain that...

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