The Road to Santiago: Pilgrims of St. James

John Murray, 2003 - 339 páginas

'A cross between a leprechaun and a miniature Flastaff, he writes charmingly, learnedly and diffusely', taking the reader - as only an Irishman can - on a will-o'-the wisp journey, absorbing on his way the history of the great shrine, and of how the cult of the saint arose, and also the folklore attached to pilgrims and the pilgrim roads.

Walter Starkie has written the original classic book of the pilgrimage of St James, which is still the benchmark. The Road to Santiago is an enjoyable voyage through the places, peoples and history of northern Spain, as seen through the eyes of a great story-teller.

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Sobre el autor (2003)

Walter Starkie was one of the most versatile and cosmopolitan of men. A professor of English and Irish literarture in Dublin, he was also traveller, writer, linguist and musician. He wandered as an itinerant fiddler with gypsies throughout Hungary, Transylvania and Spain.

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