The Promise of Dialogue: The Dialogic Turn in the Production and Communication of Knowledge

John Benjamins Publishing, 2011 - 198 páginas
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It has become commonplace to employ dialogue-based approaches in producing and communicating knowledge in diverse fields. Here, dialogue has become a buzzword that promises democratic, participatory processes of mutual learning and knowledge co-production. But what does dialogue actually entail in the fields in which it is practised and how can we analyse those practices in ways that take account of their complexities?
The Promise of Dialogue presents a novel theoretical framework for analysing the dialogic turn in the production and communication of knowledge that builds bridges across three research traditions - dialogic communication theory, action research, and science and technology studies.
It also provides an empirically rich account of the dialogic turn through case studies of how dialogue is enacted in the fields of planned communication, public engagement with science and collaborative research. A critical, reflexive approach is taken that interrogates the complexities, tensions and dilemmas inherent in the enactment of dialogue and is oriented towards further developing dialogic practices from a position normatively supportive of the dialogic turn.

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1 Introduction
2 Building an integrated theoretical framework across three traditions
3 Enacting dialogue in planned communication
4 Enacting dialogue in public engagement with science
5 Enacting dialogue in collaborative research
in conclusion
tackling epistemological methodological and ethical conundrums
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