The Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics

Psychology Press, 2000 - 403 páginas
Historical and comparative linguistics has been a major scholarly discipline for 200 years, and yet this is the first dictionary ever devoted to it. With nearly 2,400 entries, Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics covers every aspect of the subject, from the most venerable work to the exciting advances of the last few years -- many of which have not yet even made it into textbooks.All of the traditional terms are here, but so are the terms introduced only recently, in connection with such varied subjects as pidgin and creole languages, the sociolinguistic study of language change, mathematical and computational methods, the novel approaches to linguistic geography, the controversial proposals of new and vast language families, and the attempts at relating the theories of historical linguists to those of archaeologists, the anthropologists, and geneticists.More than just a dictionary, this book provides genuine linguistic examples of most of the terms entered, detailed explanations of fundamental concepts, critical assessments of controversial ideas, cross-references to related terms, and an abundance of references to the original literature.

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Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics

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