The Boy in the Dress

Penguin, 1 dic 2009 - 240 páginas
Everybody needs friends— especially a boy in a dress!

Dennis’ life is boring and lonely. His mother left two years ago, his truck driver father is depressed, his brother is a bully and, worst of all, “no hugging” is one of their household rules. But one thing Dennis does have is soccer—he’s the leading scorer on his team. Oh, and did we mention his secret passion for fashion?

When Dennis’ friend Lisa discovers his stash of Vogue magazines, she convinces him to vamp it up and wear a dress to school. But in class, his hilarious hijinks as “Denise” are brought to a screeching halt when the headmaster discovers his secret and delivers the worst punishment of all—Dennis is expelled from school and therefore forbidden to play in the soccer Final Cup!

Can the team win the most important game of the year without their star player? And, more importantly, will Dennis gain the love and respect of his friends and family, even in a dress?


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No Hugging
Under the Mattress
Wanting to Disappear
Just Doodling
Forever and a Moment
Watching the Curtain Edges Grow Light
Lying on the Carpet with Lisa
Double French
Silence like Snow
There Was Nothing More to
With or Without the Dress
Maudlin Street
A Thousand Smiles
Dragged in the
Blouse and Skirt

Bonjour Denise
Pickled Onion Monster Munch
These high heels are killing me
Another World
Big Hairy Hands
One Thing Left to
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