The Book Book: A Journey Into Bookmaking

Tara Publishing, 2007 - 131 páginas
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Artist Sophie Benini Pietromarchi invites children on a unique and poetic journey into the world of bookmaking. Exploring colors, textures, shapes, and feelings, she demonstrates how to turn these intangible elements into pictorial narratives, using such unlikely fodder as pencil shavings, onions, dust, and leaves.

This visual feast of a book evolved from Pietromarchi’s bookmaking workshops with children. Playfully narrated, and packed with captivating and inventive illustrations,The Book Bookis a tribute to the rich, imaginative world in all of us.


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Sobre el autor (2007)

Sophie is a French-born and Italian-bred author and illustrator of children's books, whose stories and artwork have been published in Italy, Switzerland, India and soon Israel. She also conducts workshops throughout Europe, encouraging children to explore a wide range of storytelling and illustration techniques. Sophie lives in Rome with her photographer husband and their two children.

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