Strategic Planning: What Every Manager Must Know

Free Press, 1979 - 383 páginas
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In today's complex world of business, strategic planning is indispensable to effective management. Ever since the mid-1950's, when American companies began to develop formal long-range planning systems, wise managers have understood the importance of knowing where their firm was headed and how it intended to get there. To function effectively in a modern, planned operation, every manager must have a practical understanding of how the planning process works. That's exactly what this book offers: a step-by-step guide to strategic planning. George A. Steiner, a well-known expert in the field of management, provides a concise, jargon-free handbook that avoids abstract theory and takes you straight to the "how-to" of planning. Whether you're designing and implementing a new plan or working with a plan that's already in operation, Strategic Planning puts the information you need at your fingertips. It takes you through every stage of the process, from idea to execution to evaluation. (And explains "Fifty Common Pitfalls" you'll need to know about.) You can plug your own data into the lucid charts, tables, and checklists for a valuable start on getting organized and evaluating your planning needs. And there's plenty of penetrating discussion about the questions and quandaries you're likely to meet along the way. For example: * How do you identify, evaluate, and implement strategies?
* How do you design a planning system to fit the unique characteristics of you and your company?
* Can an intuitive manager do formal strategic planning?
* What are some ways to develop clear objectives?
* What human behavior factors can endanger planning and how can managers overcome them?
* How, and when, should a situation audit be made?
* What do you need to know about computer models?
* How can business planning lessons be applied to not-for-profit organizations?
* How can managers apply lessons of planning experience to the planning of their own careers? You don't have to get an advanced degree to make strategic planning a part of your management style. All you need is the expert advice in this idea-packed handbook. (As a bonus the book includes a glossary of the terms, tools, and techniques of

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The internationally known author of fifteen books, among them, Business and Society, Top Management Planning, and Management Policy and Strategy, George A. Steiner maintains a heavy schedule of teaching, writing, conducting seminars, and helping corporations around the world set up and improve their planning systems. He has been both a corporate planner and a top-level planner in the federal government. Professor of Management and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, he is past President of the National Academy of Management, founder of the California Management Review, and recipient of the General Management Award from the Society for the Advancement of Management.

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