Shoot the women first

Random House Publishing Group, 1991 - 241 páginas
"Shoot the women first" is the advice given to police teams specializing in terrorist incidents. To find out why women terrorists are considered more dangerous, MacDonald sought and obtained interviews around the world with women members of terrorist organizations. Here these women tell their stories, discussing motherhood and murder, anger, fear, and remorse. 8 pages of photos.

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SHOOT THE WOMEN FIRST: Inside the Secret World of Female Terrorists

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A thoughtful if inconclusive study of female terrorists by a writer for The Observer. Intrigued by the advice given to recruits of Interpol and European antiterrorist squads to ``shoot the women first ... Leer reseña completa

Shoot the women first

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Based upon remarkable interviews, British journalist MacDonald examines the experiences and motivations of some of the most notorious female terrorists of the century. The terrorism literature has ... Leer reseña completa


Among the Women of ETA
Kim Hyon Hui
The Women of the West Bank
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