Science, Women and Revolution in Russia

Routledge, 2 ene. 2014 - 218 páginas
While the women's movement might seem like a relatively new concept, Russian women of the 1860s deserve to be acknowledged as individuals who changed the direction of science and opened the doors of higher education to women throughout Europe. The 1860's and 1870's witnessed a rise in women's consciousness and the beginnings of the Russian revolutionary movement that saw women pursue and receive doctorates in many areas of science. These same women went on to become some of the brightest in their fields.
This book provides a look at Russian women scientists of the 1860's, their personal independence, and technical and literary achievements that made science the popular social movement of the time and changed the face of the Russian intellectual culture.

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Preface to the Series
The Generation of the 1860sOverview
Mentors and Collaborators
Spreading the Gospel of Science
The Mythification of Sofia Kovalevskaia
Gender andScience Theoryandthe Women of
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Glossary of Terms
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