Robertson Davies: A Mingling of Contrarieties

University of Ottawa Press, 2001 - 178 páginas

This collective assessment of the achievement of Robertson Davies addresses the basic problems in reading his artfulness, as a moralist committed to the practice of doubling, disguise, irony and paradox, of dwelling in "gaps" or spaces "in between" The essays present new insights on a broad range of topics in Davies' oeuvre and was the first conference devoted to Davies' work since his death in 1995.

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Davies Tristramgistus
Perspectives on the Masks of Robertson Davies
The Humour of Robertson Davies
Shadows of Determinism in the Salterton Novels
Robertson Davies and Shamanstvo
The Leaven of Wine and Spirits in the Fiction of Robertson Davies
Postmodern Elements in the Plays of Robertson Davies
Doubling in World of Wonders
Hermeneutics Artifice and Authenticity in Robertson Davies Whats Bred in the Bone
The Myth and Magic of a Textual Truth andor a Metaphorical Reading of The Deptford Trilogy
Questioning Contradictions and Ethics in The Cornish Triptych
Medical Consultation for Murther and Walking Spirits and The Cunning Man
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Página 57 - ... love/ but if she lost it, Or made a gift of it, my father's eye Should hold her loathed, and his spirits should hunt After new fancies: she, dying, gave it me/ And bid me, when my fate would have me wive, To give it her.
Página 110 - Mikhail Bakhtin, Rabelais and His World, trans. Helene Iswolsky (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1984), pp.
Página 117 - I hold that no work of art can be tried otherwise than by laws deduced from itself: whether or not it be consistent with itself is the question.
Página 108 - It was a sense of the unfathomable wonder of the invisible world that existed side by side with a hard recognition of the roughness and cruelty and day-to-day demands of the tangible world. It was a readiness to see demons where nowadays we see neuroses, and to see the hand of a guardian angel in what we are apt to shrug off ungratefully as a stroke of luck. It was religion, but a religion with a thousand gods, none of them all-powerful and most of them ambiguous in their attitude toward man.
Página 108 - We have educated ourselves into a world from which wonder, and the fear and dread and splendour and freedom of wonder have been banished. Of course wonder is costly. You couldn't incorporate it into a modern state, because it is the antithesis of the anxiously worshipped security which is what a modern state is asked to give.
Página 1 - To see her beauties no man needs to stoop, She has the whole horizon for her hoop. 4. The ANTITHESIS, or SEE-SAW,! whereby contraries and oppositions are balanced in such a way, as to cause a reader to remain suspended between them, to his exceeding delight and recreation. Such are these on a lady, who made herself appear out of size, by hiding a young princess under her clothes : — While the kind nymph, changing her faultless shape, Becomes unhandsome, handsomely to 'scape.
Página 47 - No doubt that we have to lend an ear to the "not-said" which lies in the holes of the discourse, but this does not mean that we are to do our listening as if it were to someone knocking from the other side of a wall.
Página 109 - Degradation digs a bodily grave for a new birth; it has not only a destructive, negative / aspect, but also a regenerating one.

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Linda Morra recently completed a SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia.

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