Remote Laboratories: Empowering Stem Education With Technology

World Scientific, 9 feb 2021 - 268 páginas
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In a remote laboratory, the user performs a real experiment without being in front of the equipment, performing remote experiments mediated by the Internet. Remote Laboratories: Empowering STEM Education with Technology is the first book to cover this radical redistribution of experimentation capacity as a whole.This book also covers using remote experiments in the classroom, the advantages of remote experimentation, the challenges faced, and opportunities for innovation when using a remote lab.The book characterizes and explains remote experiments and connects them with the curricula of subjects and prospects for teaching/learning scenarios. It further provides evidence for the positive effect of remote experimentation in the student learning process. This coverage is supplemented by an exhaustive list of remote experiments conducted around the world.

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Part 2 Examples of Remote Experiments and Pedagogical Value
Part 3 Designers Point of View
Part 4 Innovation in Remote Experimentation
The Ten Commandments of Remote Experimentation

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