Real Fighting - Real Facts: The Report

Portada, 8 sept 2013 - 34 páginas
Few studies have been done to gather even basic information about what happens in real street fights and none are as comprehensive as the ones presented in this book. Martial artists no longer have to make assumptions about what typically happens in street fights...including how long the average fight lasts and what percentage of fights go to the ground, etc. To solve this "assumption" problem and to make sure that instructors are not giving their students false information, author and instructor, Darin Waugh, has analyzed 400 street fights to gather information from 12 different combat categories! This report also offers a new perspective on self-defense and includes chapters with training ideas, resources, and other training and self-defense tips. Stop assuming you know what happens in real fights so that you do not risk the safety of your family, martial arts students, and of course yourself, because to really train effective "self-defense" you need to understand what actually happens in real fights!

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