Principles and Procedures of Statistics: A Biometrical Approach

McGraw-Hill, 1997 - 666 páginas
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This book provides a thorough treatment of major statistical methods and techniques for those requiring a strong foundation in applied statistics. The basic ideas of inference from data, the principle of fitting models by least squares, and careful interpretation of results are stressed to provide a firm grounding in both principles and procedures. This edition includes modern topics, computer output and analysis, as well as updated real-world data sets. Moreover, there is an extensive chapter on the principles of experimental design.

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Sampling from a Normal Distribution
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John C. Brocklebank, Research and Development Director of Analytic Solutions at SAS, joined SAS in 1981 and has been a SAS user since 1978. Dr. Brocklebank received his Ph.D. in statistics and mathematics from North Carolina State University in 1981. He is often invited to conferences to speak about time series and statistical methods.

David A. Dickey is Professor of Statistics at North Carolina State University, where he teaches graduate courses in statistical methods and time series. An accomplished SAS user since 1976 and a prolific author, Dr. Dickey is the co-inventor of the Dickey-Fuller test used in SAS/ETS software. He received his Ph.D. in statistics from Iowa State University in 1976. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and a member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

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