Metal Matrix Nanocomposites: Fabrication and Properties of Copper-alumina Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

Lap Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH KG, 2010 - 144 páginas
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Nanotechnology is considered one of the most recent technologies that emerged in recent years. Such technology can potentially lead to produce microscopic precision parts that can be used in manufacturing of precision parts that can power micro-robots, micro-knives for surgery. Nanostructure-type of alumina dispersed copper metal matrix composites has been scientifically attracted. It provides unique characteristics, such as high strength, hardness and excellent resistance to wear at high temperature. Therefore, Cu-based metal matrix composites are being used in many industrial applications; contact supports and electrode materials for spot welding. Therefore, in the present study, nano-powders of Cu and Al2O3 were produced using three different methods; dry mixing, mechanical milling and in situ chemical reaction techniques. These methods are fully explained within this thesis and will be summarized as follows.

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