Metabolic and endocrine problems in the elderly

Springer, 1989 - 205 páginas
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The combined experience of a geriatrician and an endocrinologist gives an up-to-date review of current practice and thought on endocrine and metabolic problems in the elderly. The two authors present a coherent view of the effects of ageing on endocrine and metabolic function. The laboratory investigation and clinical management of endocrine and metabolic disorders as they relate specifically to the elderly are discussed. Specific subjects are the diagnosis and management of diabetes, thyroid disease, pituitary-adrenal dysfunction, gonodal disorders, electrolyte imbalance, metabolic bone disease, and nutritional problems. This simple and practical account will aid the clinician in his management of everyday problems.

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Ageing and Endocrine Function
The Clinical Assessment of Endocrine Disorders in the Elderly
Thyroid Disease
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