Letter to My Granddaughter

AuthorHouse, 16 nov. 2006
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Teenagers today have no fear of anything. They feel invincible and are greatly influenced by the media, music and advertisements, which in many cases, much to their detriment. Things can happen in a split second; therefore, teenagers today more than ever need a different kind of arsenal to get through these years. They need to be clear on their values and beliefs in order to avoid pitfalls that may affect them the rest of their lives.

This letter is about living a good life. It is about good living and good morals. It provides counsel in good manners, winning attitudes, family and dealing with temptations such as drinking, drugs and sex. It also includes steps on making good grades without too much effort. This letter provides teenagers with thoughts that can help them in life. Because teens dont often discuss things with their parents, this letter provides a neutral approach to discussing many of the difficult topics that need to be a part of their growing up.

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Dr. Eva S. Molina is a retired school administrator having served the boys and girls of Texas as a teacher, reading specialist, assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent of schools. She worked with boys and girls for over 35 years counseling them on a daily basis and helping them to achieve success in their lives.It is this experience in her career and personal life that she shares with others. She feels utmost that she is a mentor of young people. Her goal as a school administrator was to find a way to meet the needs of each individual childand helping them grow upto beproductive citizens and setting theirvisionfor their future.

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