Lectures to Ladies on Anatomy and Physiology

Saxton & Pierce, 1842 - 300 páginas

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Página 237 - What blessings thy free bounty gives, Let me not cast away ; For God is paid when man receives, To enjoy is to obey.
Página 160 - The gastric fluids extracted this morning were mixed with a large proportion of thick ropy mucus, and considerable mucopurulent matter, slightly tinged with blood, resembling the discharge from the bowels in some cases of chronic dysentery.
Página 287 - One of the surest signs of the regeneration of society will be, the elevation of the art of teaching to the highest rank in the community.
Página 224 - I began this letter yesterday, but could not finish it till now. I have risen this morning like an infernal frog out of Acheron, covered with the ooze and mud of melancholy. For this reason I am not sorry to find myself at the bottom of my paper, for had I more room perhaps I might fill it all with croaking, and make an heart ache at Eartham, which I wish to be always cheerful.
Página 180 - You ask me,' continues Plutarch, ' for what reason Pythagorus abstained from eating the flesh of brutes ?' For my part I am astonished to think, on the contrary, what appetite first .induced man to taste of a dead carcass ; or what motive could suggest the notion of nourishing himself with...
Página 113 - The charge, consisting of powder and duck-shot, waa received in the left side of the youth, he being at a distance of not more than one yard from the muzzle of the gun. The contents entered posteriorly, and in an oblique direction, forward and inward, literally blowing off integuments and muscles of the size of a man's hand, fracturing and carrying away the anterior half of the sixth rib, fracturing the fifth, lacerating the lower portion of the left lobe of the lungs, the diaphragm, and perforating...
Página 243 - This statement will not be thought exaggerated, when compared with that of one of the latest and most judicious foreign writers. Speaking of the right, lateral curvature of the spine, just described, he tells us, ' It is so common, that out of twenty young girls who have attained the age of fifteen years, there are not two who do not present very manifest traces of it.
Página 113 - ... proved to be a portion of the stomach lacerated through all its coats and pouring out the food he had taken for his breakfast through an orifice large enough to admit the forefinger.
Página 125 - St. Martin complains of no symptoms indicating any general derangement of the system, except an uneasy sensation and a tenderness at the pit of the stomach, and some vertigo...
Página 150 - I am firmly persuaded that any man who, early in life, will enter upon the constant practice of bodily labor, and of abstinence from animal food, will be preserved entirely from gout.

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