La familia de León Roch, Volumen 2

Imprenta de la Guirnalda, 1888 - 759 páginas
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Página 295 - Ancient Times! The success of Ernst Eckstein's new novel, ' Quintus Claudius,' which recently appeared in Vienna, may fairly be called phenomenal, critics and the public unite in praising the work."—Grazer Morgenpost. "•Quintus Claudius' is a finished work of art, capable
Página 295 - manners in the imperial city, and in those luxurious retreats at Baiae and elsewhere to which the wealthy Romans used to retreat from the heats of summer. It is full of stirring scenes in
Página 296 - noble lover into camp, is a spark of light against the lurid background. The servile movement is combined with the bold plans of the Thracian Spartacus. He is a good figure and perpetually surprises us with his keen foresight and disciplinary power. "The book is stirring, realistic in the even German way,
Página 299 - Walloth, from the German by Mary J. Safford, in one vol. Paper, 50 cts. Cloth, 90 cts. " It deals, in the main, with the cruel bondage of the
Página 295 - bearing any analysis, a literary production teeming with instruction and interest, full of plastic forms, and rich in the most dramatic changes of mood."—Pester Lloyd.
Página 295 - is worthy of place beside the Emperor of Ebers and the Aspasia. of Hamerling. It is a story of Rome in the reign of
Página 295 - We owe to Eckstein the brilliant romance of 'Quintus Claudius,' which Clara Bell has done well to translate for us,
Página 304 - 536 pages. Price $2.25. This Method is based on the principles of modern philosophy. Gradual progress and spontaneous development are its leading features. The sentence is the unit. Natural language precedes literary language. The example teaches the rule; language teaches grammar. The work is printed entirely in the Roman character. "Spoken language is to written language what the real object
Página 293 - A Whimsical Wooing" is a sparkling comedietta. It is one situation, a single catastrophe, yet, like a bit of impressionist painting of the finer sort, it reveals in a flash all the possibilities of the scene. The hero, Roberto Fenoglio, a man of wealth, position, and accomplishments, finds himself at

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