Hypertext: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology

Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992 - 242 páginas
"In this insightful and readable volume, Landow explores the relationship between contemporary literary and social theory and the latest advances in computer software."--Voice Literary Supplement.

"A useful book for understanding the effect technology is having on scholarship."--Semiotic Review of Books.

"Landow['s]... presentation is measured, experiential, lucid, moderate, and sensible. He merely points out that the concept hypertext' lets us test some concepts associated with critical theory, and gracefully shows how the technology is contributing to reconfigurations of text, author, narrative, and (literary) education."--Post Modern Culture.

"Good news for teachers who are not too sensitive about their intellectual authority... Bad news for print culture."--Times Literary Supplement

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Hypertext and Critical Theory
Hypertext and the Aristotelian Conception of Plot
Reconfiguring Literary Education Threats and Promises
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