High Comedy in American Movies: Class and Humor from the 1920s to the Present

Rowman & Littlefield, 2005 - 209 páginas
High Comedy in American Movies explores the 'comedy of manners' film throughout the twentieth century, from the advent of movie sound to recent films, and shows how class comedy's inside view of the aristocratic lifestyle has been influenced by the culture and times in which the movies are produced. Outlining the conventions of class comedy, Steve Vineberg discusses its British roots and analyzes how many American filmmakers have modified the genre, creating a distinctly American approach to class. Easily accessible, High Comedy in American Movies makes an engaging supplement to courses in American film, film genre, and film studies.

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Europe in Hollywood
High Comedy American Style
High Comedy and Social Satire
The Poison in the Champagne What Its Really Like to Be Rich and Famous
The Aristocracy of the Hip
The Eighties and Beyond
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Página 11 - You find it faintly when you look over old letters the rats have nibbled at, one evening you don't go out; there is a little of it, impure and odorous, in the very sound of barrel organs, in quiet squares in the evenings, puffing out in gusts that intoxicate your heart. It is all right for beasts to have no memories; but we poor humans have to be compensated.
Página 6 - ... Times, sums up the playwright's point of view in this statement: "What makes the essence of high comedy is not the furniture of the room where the action takes place, but the articulateness of the characters, the plane on which they talk, the intellectual and moral climate in which they live. . . . One of the endless sources of high comedy is seriousness of temperament and intensity of purpose in contrast with the triviality of the occasion.

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Steve Vineberg is professor in the theatre department at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts and author of Method Actors and No Surprises, Please. His movie reviews and articles have appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Phoenix, the Threepenny Review, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the Christian Century, as well as many other publications.

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