Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology

André O. Barel, Howard I. Maibach
Taylor & Francis, 13 jul 2001 - 904 páginas
This state-of-the-art reference provides comprehensive multidisciplinary coverage of the most recent information on cosmetic ingredients, finished products, target organs, delivery systems, and current technology in safety, toxicology, and dermatological testing.

Discussing modern innovations such as active cosmetics for the hair, skin, and teeth, the Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology highlights

  • Cosmetics for infant and elderly consumers
  • The formulation of skin cleansing products
  • New delivery systems, including cosmetic patches and iontophoresis
  • The anatomy and physiology of body targets for cosmetics
  • Principles and mechanisms of unwanted reactions to cosmetics

    With contributions by more than 100 leading experts in the field, the Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology is an essential tool for cosmetic, fragrance, pharmaceutical, organic, medicinal, physical, surface, colloid, and detergent chemists and biochemists; dermatologists; toxicologists and microbiologists; skin physiologists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.
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