Handbook of Cooperative Learning Methods

Bloomsbury Academic, 17 feb 1994 - 374 páginas
This professional reference provides a broad picture of cooperative learning methods. The volume includes descriptions of the main generic methods of instruction, applications of cooperative learning to various subject-matter disciplines, and discussions of the implementation of cooperative learning in schools. The book is divided into three sections. The first, on methods, includes chapters on the fundamental strategies of cooperative learning. The second, on applications, provides practical information on the use of cooperative learning in mathematics, science, and language arts instruction. The third, on implementation, contains chapters on the creation and administration of cooperative learning programs in schools. Each chapter in this reference is written by an expert contributor and mentions current sources of additional information. Thus, the book is a comprehensive collection of practical information for all those interested in cooperative learning.

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Student TeamsAchievement Divisions
Team Assisted Individualization and Cooperative
The Jigsaw Method
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SHLOMO SHARAN is Professor of Educational Psychology at the School of Education at Tel-Aviv University. He has authored numerous articles on cooperative learning, and his books include Cooperative Learning: Theory and Research (Praeger, 1990).

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