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Página 207 - Prince, his colour went and came, his eyes sparkled, he shifted his place, and grasped his sword. Charles observed his demeanour, and, turning briskly towards him, called out, ' Will not you assist me ?' 'I will, I will,' said Ranald, ' though no other man in the Highlands should draw a sword ; I am ready to die for you.
Página 141 - Such a shameful degree of profligacy prevailed, that the retailers of this poisonous compound set up painted boards in public, inviting people to be drunk for the small expense of one penny ; assuring them they might be dead drunk for two-pence, and have straw for nothing.
Página 342 - ... hounds, or reside one night at Newmarket, that infamous seminary of iniquity and ill-manners, during the course of the races there, or shall resort to the said races, or shall lose in any one day, at any game or bet whatsoever, the sum of .£500, then...
Página 35 - Thus animated by these delusions, we traversed these memorable Straits, ignorant of the dreadful calamities that were then impending, and just ready to break upon us ; ignorant that the time drew near when the squadron would be separated never to unite again ; and that this day of our passage was the last cheerful day that the greatest part of us would ever live to enjoy.
Página 247 - Eighth," while the public money was levied for his service. On the city of Glasgow, at once the richest and the least friendly to his cause, an extraordinary payment of 5000/. was imposed. The late public authorities either fled to England, or skulked in privacy, while the Jacobites, throwing off the mask, took no pains to dissemble their rapturous joy, and loudly vaunted of their young Prince, who, according to their own phrase at the time, " could eat a dry crust, and sleep on pease" straw, take...
Página 271 - I heard three sensible middle-aged men, when the Scotch were said to be at Stamford, and actually were at Derby, talking of hiring a chaise to go to Caxton (a place in the high-road) to see the Pretender and Highlanders as they passed.
Página 251 - Vessel, ill provided with Money, Arms or Friends; I arrived in Scotland, attended by seven Persons; I publish the King my Father's Declaration, and proclaim his Title, with Pardon in one Hand, and in the other Liberty of Conscience, and the most solemn Promises to grant whatever a free Parliament shall propose for the Happiness of a People.
Página 38 - He tells us, among other things, as he often caught more goats than he wanted, he sometimes marked their ears and let them go. This was about thirtytwo years before our arrival at the island. Now it happened, that the first goat that was killed by our people at their landing had his ears slit, whence we concluded that he had doubtless been formerly under the power of Selkirk. This was indeed an animal of a most venerable aspect...
Página 209 - Stuart is come over to claim the crown of his ancestors, to win it, or to perish in the attempt; Lochiel, who, my father has often told me, was our firmest friend, may stay at home, and learn from the newspapers the fate of his prince...
Página xiv - I BELIEVE your Majesty little expected a courier at this time, and much less from me ; to tell you a thing that will be a great surprise to you. I have been, above six months ago, invited by our friends to go to Scotland, and to carry what money and arms I could conveniently get ; this being, they are fully persuaded, the only way of restoring you to the Crown, and them to their liberties.

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