Global Bioethics: The Collapse of Consensus

Hugo Tristram Engelhardt
M & M Scrivener Press, 2006 - 396 páginas
Global Bioethics: The Collapse of Consensus explores the persistent failure to produce a universal set of standards for bioethics. The predicament of contemporary morality, the post-modern condition, is such that we find ourselves in the position of numerous competing moralities that not only reach conflicting judgments about particular issues, but also reflect radically divergent world-views. Consensus, therefore, is impossible to achieve.
These essays analyze and diagnose the causes and results of the diversity of moral world-views in both philosophy and everyday life. Some of the essays in this volume argue that the post-modern condition is actually the direct result of the philosophical-theological synthesis of the Western Christian Middle Ages.
The essays in this volume explore the difficulties, both procedural and contentful, that have arisen from the failure of various attempts to arrive at a global secular bioethics by means of rational-discursive reflection.

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