German Secret Flight Test Centres to 1945: Johannisthal, Lipetsk, Rechlin, Travemünde, Tarnewitz, Peenemünde-West

Midland, 2002 - 248 páginas
This is a major piece of research by a group of German authors, some of whom were involved at the time, into the establishment and activities of government flight-test centres in Germany from the resumption of flight testing in the 1920s until the end of the Second World War. Their work will be of outstanding interest to students of the Second World War and the Luftwaffe. The authors begin with the secret testing in co-operation with the Red Army in the 1920/30s. The book deals with the major locations where testing was conducted including Johannisthal, Lipetsk, Rechlin, Travemunde, Tarnewitz and Peenemunde-West. Other less well known locations including early experimentation at Doberitz and Danzig are also covered. The book draws on an extensive collection of photographs and documents, many taken from hitherto unpublished sources. There are also comprehensive listings of the aircraft used, with such details as Werknummern, markings and engines. There are similarly detailed lists of personnel and the various research and test units.There is still enormous interest in the Luftwaffe and especially in the experimental aircraft which were produced and tested in Germany during the period of the Third Reich. This book will appeal directly to this market and achieve the same success of other Midland titles dealing with this area of aviation history.

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