Freedom Through Health

Harvest Publishing, 1998 - 270 páginas
Natural healing for your most difficult health challenges at your fingertips. If you are suffering from heart disease, fibromyalgia, allergies, diabetes, memory loss multiple sclerosis, or arthritis, or whether you wish to learn how to treat ADHD naturally, use Hormone Replacement Therapy safely and wisely, or how to reverse the aging process and learn the real cause of disease.Read this book. The book "Freedom Through Health" offers alternative solutions to medical conditions, which are seen as serious health challenges that have no simple answers. In addition to the conditions noted above, many other illnesses are included within the pages of this book. Dr. Friedmann has experienced success in treating these conditions and has done scientific studies proving the efficacy of using natural products. This book approaches disease from a holistic medical avenue and includes such modalities as nutrition, hormonal support, homeopathy, aromatherapy herbology, orthomoleclar, hypotherapy, energy medicine, and spiritual counseling. Our health represents a mirror of your life path and the flow of vitality. It's not another pill we need, but rather a total approach, which includes body, mind, and spirit for healing. "FreedomThrough Health" may be purchased on my Webpage

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