Franz Liszt and his world

Princeton University Press, 31 jul. 2006 - 587 páginas
No nineteenth-century composer had more diverse ties to his contemporary world than Franz Liszt (1811-1886). At various points in his life he made his home in Vienna, Paris, Weimar, Rome, and Budapest. In his roles as keyboard virtuoso, conductor, master teacher, and abbé, he reinvented the concert experience, advanced a progressive agenda for symphonic and dramatic music, rethought the possibilities of church music and the oratorio, and transmitted the foundations of modern pianism. The essays brought together in Franz Liszt and His World advance our understanding of the composer with fresh perspectives and an emphasis on historical contexts. Rainer Kleinertz examines Wagner's enthusiasm for Liszt's symphonic poem Orpheus; Christopher Gibbs discusses Liszt's pathbreaking Viennese concerts of 1838; Dana Gooley assesses Liszt against the backdrop of antivirtuosity polemics; Ryan Minor investigates two cantatas written in honor of Beethoven; Anna Celenza offers new insights about Liszt's experience of Italy; Susan Youens shows how Liszt's songs engage with the modernity of Heinrich Heine's poems; James Deaville looks at how publishers sustained Liszt's popularity; and Leon Botstein explores Liszt's role in the transformation of nineteenth-century preoccupations regarding religion, the nation, and art.Franz Liszt and His World also includes key biographical and critical documents from Liszt's lifetime, which open new windows on how Liszt was viewed by his contemporaries and how he wished to be viewed by posterity. Introductions to and commentaries on these documents are provided by Peter Bloom, José Bowen, James Deaville, Allan Keiler, Rainer Kleinertz, Ralph Locke, Rena Charnin Mueller, and Benjamin Walton.

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Heine Liszt and the Song of the Future
The Battle Against Instrumental Virtuosity
Prophet and Populace in Liszts Beethoven Cantatas
Just Two Words Enormous Success
Liszt on the Artist in Society
Joseph dOrtigue on Franz Liszt
Ludwig Rellstabs Biographical Sketch of Liszt
Lina Ramanns
Fetiss Review of the Transcendental Etudes
Heinrich Heine on Liszt
Press Accounts of Liszt
Felix Draeseke on the Symphonic Poems
Notes on Contributors
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Christopher H. Gibbs is James H. Ottaway Jr. Professor of Music at Bard College and Artistic Co-Director of the Bard Music Festival. He is the author of "The Life of Schubert" and the editor of "The Cambridge Companion to Schubert". Dana Gooley is Assistant Professor of Music History at Case Western Reserve University and the author of "The Virtuoso Liszt".

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