Foreign Correspondence: The Great Reporters and Their Times, Second Edition

Syracuse University Press, 1995 - 363 páginas
This extensively revised edition reads like an adventure story about the vital role of the foreign correspondent throughout history. From the roles of Winston Churchill and Georges Clemenceau to those of some of history's greatest war correspondents from Ernie Pyle to Peter Arnett, Hohenberg, himself a reporter of considerable standing, distills the wars and historical moments that have shaped world politics. Now back in print after thirty years, with more than half of the book new material, Hohenberg emphasizes the American experience, particularly the recent role of television and daily newspaper correspondents in Vietnam, the Gulf War, and the post-Cold War crises. Also new to this edition is his examination of the role of the foreign correspondent in the future and the impact of new media technologies on this profession.

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The Master Correspondents
Reports from a Changing World
The Challenge of World War I
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