Eye Twisters

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As a kind of visual palindrome, ambigrams and their pictorial relatives offer much, much more than meets the eye at first glance. Figuring out what kind of double-meaning has been built in delights even as it tricks the observer. The magical appeal of ambigrams lies in their playful wit, precise artistry, expert mathematical and visual trickery and their beautiful simplicity. They are a joy for young and old alike.

As well as showcasing over 200 of the very examples by the worlds most important ambigrammists, many for the first time, Eye Twisters pairs ambigrams with spectacular Escher-like optical illusions, photo montages and puzzles in new and exciting ways. It also contains a short history of ambigrams, an overview of the different types, instructions on how to make your own and profiles of the most important artists. The result is a wholly original, magical and puzzling book that all age groups will find irresistible.

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Sobre el autor (2007)

Ambigrammist Burkard Polster teaches mathematics at Monash University, Australia. He is the author of various books, including ones on the mathematics of juggling a guide to the (mathematically) best way to tie your shoelaces and QED: The Beauty in Mathematical Proof. He lives in Australia.

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