Environmental Communication and the Extinction Vortex: Technology as Denial of Death

Hampton Press, Incorporated, 2014 - 383 páginas
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This book is about the anthropic epoch and the extinction vortex we are witnessing. Currently a mass extinction of species is occuring. At the same time a mass extinction of languages and cultures is also occuring. These two mass exticntions, biological and cultural, are linked. Concurrently, transhumanists hope against hope to uplaod their minds into virtual reality to escape death. Both extinctions and the plan to escape them up up[loading ourminds into computer nteworks are rooted in a narcissistic delusion of immortal self actualization. This is a pathetic death-defying delusion of late modernity-hypertrophic selfishness. The common denominator is a particular culture that has become dominant, spreading across the globe. As it objectifies other species and out-group people, it erroneously believes it transcends the world-system. This is the absurdity of the most profound delusional accomplishment of the anthropic epoch, the extinction vortex. The more powerful and individualistic we become the more power we crave, and the faster the extinction vortex spins with us with it.

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