El arte tibetano de la serenidad: cómo superar el miedo y alcanzar la plenitud

Urano, 2007 - 250 páginas
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Bestselling author of "The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking" shows us how to conquer fear and live at peace with ourselves. In the ancient Tibetan Bon tradition, the secret of serene, successful living is to have no fear. But in our demanding society, where stress is the norm, fearfulness can become a way of life. In this inspiring book, leading Tibetan Bon practitioner Christopher Hansard explains the 'twelve types of fear' believed by traditional teaching to affect our lives. He shares with us age-old techniques for facing and overcoming these fears, and shows how, without them, we can better connect with our deepest selves, transform relationships and find increased peace, humour and confidence. Drawing from his deep personal knowledge of Tibetan teachings, and with easy-to-follow exercises and inspiring case studies, Christopher shows us how we can stop living with our fears - and start living our life.

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Sobre el autor (2007)

Christopher Hansard was trained in the spiritual and medical tradition of Tibetan Bon medicine from the age of four and is now a leading practitioner in the field. He is the Director of Clinical Affairs at the Eden Medical Center, London.

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