Educating Intuition

University of Chicago Press, 15 jun. 2001 - 335 páginas
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Every day we make intuitive decisions—from the mundane choice of what clothes to wear to more important issues such as which new car "feels right" or which person would be "good" for a particular job. To varying degrees, logic plays a role in these decisions, but at a certain point all of us rely on intuition, our sixth sense. Is this the right way to decide? Should we trust our gut feelings? When intuition conflicts with logic, what should we do?

In Educating Intuition, Robin M. Hogarth lays bare this mysterious process so fundamental to daily life by offering the first comprehensive overview of what the science of psychology can tell us about intuition—where it comes from, how it works, whether we can trust it. From this literature and his own research, Hogarth finds that intuition is a normal and important component of thought that has its roots in processes of tacit learning. Environment, attention, experience, expertise, and the success of the scientific method all form part of Hogarth's perspective on intuition, leading him to the surprising—but natural—conclusion that we can educate our sixth sense. To this end he offers concrete suggestions and exercises to help readers develop their intuitive skills and habits for learning the "right" lessons from experience.

Artfully and accessibly combining cognitive science, the latest research in psychology, and Hogarth's own observations, Educating Intuition eschews the vague approach to the topic that has become commonplace and provides instead a wholly engaging and practical guide to enhancing our intuitive skills.

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1 The Sixth Sense
2 Models of Intuition
3 Acquiring Intuitions
4 People as Intuitive Experts
5 How Good Is Intuition?
6 A Framework for Understanding Intuition
7 A Framework for Developing Intuition
8 Further Issues and Challenges
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Robin M. Hogarth is a professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. Formerly the Wallace W. Booth Professor of Behavioral Science in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago and the president of the Judgment and Decision Making Society, Hogarth is the author of, among other titles, Judgement and Choice, editor of Insights in Decision Making, and coeditor of Rational Choice.

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